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a. The act of knocking out.
b. The state of being knocked out.
c. A blow that knocks out an opponent.
2. Sports
a. A victory in boxing in which one's opponent is unable to rise from the canvas within a specified time after being knocked down or is judged too injured to continue.
b. The act of winning a boxing match in this way: won the fight by a knockout.
3. Slang A strikingly attractive or impressive person or thing.
adj. also knock-out (nŏk′out′)
1. Capable of knocking someone out: a knockout punch; knockout drops put in a drink.
2. Strikingly attractive or impressive.
3. Genetics Having a specific single gene inactivated or removed by genetic manipulation: knockout mice used in an experiment.
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UNDEFEATED John Docherty has vowed to extend his 100% stoppage run to six straight knock-outs tonight.
While the experience of playing in Copa America will surely be valuable, the 2022 World Cup hosts do seem a meritorious young lot who cannot be faulted if they dream of making the knock-outs. Even if not, they have already made a mark for themselves.
He fought at welterweight and middleweight between 1950 and 1954, collecting nine wins, but losing his final three fights by knock-outs.
Following the Dubai, Sharjah and UAE legs of the event, the event will move domestic for the knock-outs. The final will be held in Karachi on March 17.
Despite losing to hosts UAE 0-2, the Blue Tigers needed just one point from their last Group A encounter against Bahrain but a final minute penalty saw India lose by a solitary goal and fall short of a first-ever qualification to the knock-outs.
Mersey Travel put a great shift in, but could only manage two wins and two losses, which wasn't enough to see them progress into the knock-outs.
Meanwhile, the command has warned against the use of knock-outs, firecrackers and other forms of fireworks in the state during the Yuletide.
City, meanwhile, only need a point from their final two group games to reach the knock-outs and they'll be hoping to get that in Lyon.
Following his Olympic success, Billy turned pro in 1961 and spent his entire career fighting in Britain, retiring in 1967 with a record of 21-12, with nine knock-outs.
When it comes to Tyson Fury I'm all about devastating knock-outs, it's what I do.
The machine includes a small hydraulic pump that is used to generate contact force between the injection unit and the mold, and to actuate knock-outs. Silicone duckbill valves are often used in medical equipment, and this one featured an intricate four-petal design.
Featuring 24 teams, it is straight knock-outs starting at the pre-round of 16 stage you lose and you are out.