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n.1.See Knur.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Neang visited his mother, Seang Pov, in Bos Knor commune, before falling into a heated argument with her.
In spite of the utilization of an optimized extrusion process according to Knor et al.
"They are incredibly loyal to brands like Knor and Nescafe," said Gallegos.
PRICE YEAR PER AGO UNIT Lipton Recipe Secrets -1.3% $1 59 Bear Creek Country 11.0 3.63 Kitchens Lipton Soup Secrets -0.1 1.52 Private label -2.1 1.16 Better Than Bouillon 11.7 4.96 Knor -0.1 1.46 Lipton Cup A Soup -4.3 1.51 Wyler s Mrs.
However, when Aunt Gillian reveals that Hillside Manor is merely the earthly manifestation of Galadria, a magical realm that she rules and hopes one day to pass to him, he concludes, quite sensibly, that she is "stark raving mad!" The truth becomes all too clear, however, when Peter's succession to the throne is contested by Knor, a vitriolic pretender from the House of Shadowray.
The year saw an exciting 'Quest for the Noodle Pot' campaign for Knor Noodles.
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Susanne Homeyer, Inta Knor, and Hans-Joachim Solms reflect on the methodology behind their new edition of the Liederbuch der Clara Hantzlerin.
Palbo is Naipal; Kyunam, Kumaon; Galdiya, Garhwal; Chongsa, Himalayan Garhwal; Kunu is the District of Knor, Kanor, Kanoring, Kanaur, Kunawar, &c.; Nyungti, Kullu; Garzha, Lahaul.