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a.1.Free from knots; without knots.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Stay you here a little while, till I cut me a cudgel like unto that you have been twiddling in your fingers." So saying he sought his own bank again with a leap, laid aside his long bow and arrows, and cut him a stout staff of oak, straight, knotless, and a good six feet in length.
We are used to seeing beautiful, clean fish being carefully unhooked in a knotless landing net before it is carefully held in the current and released when it has recovered fully.
Accordingly, proper, knotless, normally grown, and homogeneous wood materials were selected according to TS 2470 (Turkish Standards Institution [LSI] 1976a).
LAS VEGAS -- Skin closure with absorbable, antibacterial, knotless sutures after elective cesarean delivery was linked to shorter surgery duration and less blood loss, compared with staples, in a single-site, retrospective study.
is the Italy-based renowned manufacturer of YARN SPLICERS for the knotless yarn joining, and QUALITY CONTROL equipment for the TEXTILE LABORATORIES (Mesdan-Lab division).
the green, knotless net provides enhanced visibility for fans seated behind it, replacing the traditional black, knotted nets that previously extended to the home plate end of each dugout[.]" Here's What's Happening on Opening Day 2018, The Ray Tank Blog (Mar.
Trout were landed using bare wet hands or by nets with four different mesh types: 1-inch knotless rubber; 0.1-inch knotless nylon; 1.6-inch knotted polypropylene; and 0.2inch knotless rubber-coated nylon.
Patent number 7,585,311 and related patents for knotless double row rotator cuff repair.
KFx Medical announced it has sued Stryker for its continued infringement of US Patent number 7,585,311 and related patents for knotless double row rotator cuff repair.
The main body of the net had variable mesh sizes (from 162.6 cm at the mouth to 8.9 cm at the codend), and a 6.1-m long, 3-mm stretched knotless web liner in the codend.