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a.1.Free from knots; without knots.
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So saying he sought his own bank again with a leap, laid aside his long bow and arrows, and cut him a stout staff of oak, straight, knotless, and a good six feet in length.
use of knotless limewood, Air dry 12 - 16%, Glued from predetermined dimensions to blocks, Manual.
The company added that the Mortise Medical LigaMetrics Suture Anchor System is the first and only knotless suture anchor that provides precise, measured tension control of the suture repair construct as well as unmatched surgeon control for achieving optimal stabilisation to facilitate healing of injured ligaments and tendons.
Heraeus specializes in silver metallization paste production and offers products for all solar cell architectures and photovoltaic technologies, ranging from n-type, black silicon and PERC to double printing and knotless screen.
Mesdan(r) from Italy, the renowned manufacturer of yarn splicers for knotless yarn joining, and quality control equipment for the textile laboratories (Mesdan-Lab division) will attend the forthcoming IGATEX exhibition in Karachi.
For instance, in August 2016, Ethicon launched advanced suture portfolios such as Stratafix Spiral PDS Plus and Stratafix Spiral Monocryl Plus Knotless Tissue Control Devices in the US.
The latest entries in Ethicon's STRATAFIX line of knotless sutures, the Spiral PDS Plus and the Spiral Monocryl Plus, boast exceptional wound-holding strength while offering a smooth glide through tissue.
It offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of blades and sutures available, including innovative products such as the Quill Knotless Tissue-Closure Device.
Landing nets with rubber, knotless webbing also protect the sensitive skin and fins of your game fish.
The South Indian Textile Research Association (SITRA) has developed an automated device that can produce knotless incision closures, and also unique hospital linen that have enhanced thermal properties.