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(Placename) an island in S Alaska, in the Gulf of Alaska: site of the first European settlement in Alaska, made by Russians in 1784. Pop: 13 466 (2004 est). Area: 8974 sq km (3465 sq miles)


(ˈkoʊ diˌæk)

an island in the N Pacific, near the base of the Alaska Peninsula. 100 mi. (160 km) long.
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Noun1.Kodiak - an island off southern Alaska in the Gulf of AlaskaKodiak - an island off southern Alaska in the Gulf of Alaska; site of the first European settlement in the area which was founded by the Russians in 1784
AK, Alaska, Last Frontier - a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union; "Alaska is the largest state in the United States"
2.Kodiak - brown bear of coastal Alaska and British ColumbiaKodiak - brown bear of coastal Alaska and British Columbia
brown bear, Ursus arctos, bruin - large ferocious bear of Eurasia
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Here the old governor lorded it over sixty Russians, who formed the corps of the trading establishment, besides an indefinite number of Indian hunters of the Kodiak tribe, who were continually coming and going, or lounging and loitering about the fort like so many hounds round a sportsman's hunting quarters.
Here his ship would be furnished with about fifty canoes and a hundred Kodiak hunters, and fitted out with provisions, and everything necessary for hunting the sea-otter on the coast of California, where the Russians have another establishment.
The Alutiiq Museum and the Kodiak Brown Bear Center, both located on Kodiak Island, have formed a partnership to offer more in-depth experience with Alutiiq culture.
26% of common shares and Kodiak RSUs, options and restricted stock awards, voting together as a class, present in person or by proxy at the special meeting.
Quest Aircraft Company has shifted to spread out its reach in China under an agreement that would give it a sales existence in the short term and eventually offer for the manufacturing of its Kodiak single-turboprop aircraft there.
OTCBB: CLDS) said it has entered into a USD2m common stock purchase agreement with Kodiak Capital Group, LLC, a Newport Beach based institutional investor.
com)-- “Banyan is thrilled to be appointed as the KODIAK dealer for the Florida region,” said Michael O'Keeffe, Banyan's senior vice president of aircraft sales.
If you search "Walmart Kodiak Alaska" on Google Maps, it takes eleven clicks to zoom out far enough to see Canada and thirteen to see California.
KODIAK, Alaska (AP) -- Forty years ago, when Carolyn Floyd was drumming up support for higher education in her small town, she was asked: "Why do you need a college in Kodiak?
Kodiak Networks, a mobile solutions innovator, and Orange Dominicana (Orange), a telecom operator, on June 14 announced that Orange has deployed Kodiak Visual Voice SMS(TM) across the Dominican Republic (DR).
Net proceeds to Kodiak from the offering, after deducting underwriting discounts and commissions but before offering expenses, amounted to approximately $40,960,500, all of which will be used to fund a portion of Kodiak's 2007 capital expenditures.
He started raising the shaggy-shouldered critters after hundreds of his cattle became bear bait on this wild corner of Kodiak Island.