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(Placename) the modern name for Fashoda


(fəˈʃoʊ də)

a village in the SE Sudan, on the White Nile: conflict of British and French colonial interests 1898 (Fasho′da In`cident). Modern name, Kodok.
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Most recently, civilians have been uprooted from the opposition-held town of Leer, in an oil-rich part of Unity State, and from Kodok in Upper Nile State, AFP reported, citing the Red Cross statement.
The hatcheries are designed to produce fish for exports such as Nila Merah, Labi Labi, Kodok Lembu, Arwana and decorative fish.
NNEX 2 SYSTEMATIC LIST OF REPTILE SPECIES: DANAU SENTARUM NATIONAL PARK AND NEAR-CATCHMENT SURROUNDS TESTUDINES ORDER/ Local FAMILY/ Name Species (i) (Lan- guage) (ii) TESTUDINIDAE Manouria emys Baning (I) EMYDIDAE Orlitia borneensis Biuku (I) Siebenrockiella crassiscollis Kura-kura Jaung (I) Cuora amboinensis Kura-kura Tambit (I) Cyclemys dentata Kura-Kura Air (I) Hoesemys spinosa Kura-kura Umung (I) Malayemys subtrijuga - Pyxidae mouhottii - TRIONYCHIDAE Amyda cartilagenea Labi-labi Sungai Dogania subplana Labi-labi Hitam Pelochelys bibroni Labi-labi Kuning Chitra indica Labi-labi Besar Trionyx gangeticus CROCODYLIA CROCODILIDEA Crocodylus raninus Buaya Kodok Crocodylus porosus Buaya Rabin Tomistoma schlegeli Buaya Sinyulong SAURIA AGAMIDAE Draco sp.
Several people, ICRC said in a statement, died following the withdrawal of essential medical officers from Kodok county when its facility was attacked on 5 July.
The hatcheries are developed to produce fish species for exports such as Nila Merah, Labi Labi, Kodok Lembu, Arwana, and other decorative fish.
1994 Preliminary Survey of Buaya Sumpit (Tomistoma schlegelii) and Buaya Kodok (Crocodylus siamensis) in East Kalimantan.
The rebels moved out of Malakal and attempted to make advance on the position of our gallant SPLA forces in Akoka and Kodok but they were defeated and pursued and today they were dislodged from Malakal town," Tuach told Sudan Tribune on Monday.
There are four types of frogs whose meat is exportable, and they are kodok sawah (rana cancrivera), kodok rawa, kodok hijau (rana macrodon), and kodok totol (rana limno-charis).
SPLM/SPLA-IO) "forces under the overall command of Major General Johnson Olony shot down another helicopter gunship on Sunday morning at Kodok in Fashoda (Upper Nile) state," said James Gatdet Dak, in a press statement extended to Sudan Tribun e on Sunday.
The government this week lost to the rebels Upper Nile state's capital, Malakal, including several other previously government's held towns including Akoka, Anakdiar, Kodok and Doleib hills following the fall of Malakal.
In the same month, I was denied getting into Kodok town by an SPLM Commissioner using the SPLA.
Aguer did not comment SSLA's third claim that a boat carrying SPLA troops from Melut to Kodok in Upper Nile State was shot upon at the Lul checkpoint after it refused to stop at the previous posting on the river.