Hradec Králové

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Hra·dec Krá·lo·vé

 (hrä′dĕts krä′lō-vĕ)
A city of the northeast Czech Republic east of Prague. Founded in the tenth century, it was a leading town of medieval Bohemia.

Hradec Králové

(Czech ˈhradɛts ˈkraːlɔvɛː)
(Placename) a town in the N Czech Republic, on the Elbe River. Pop: 97 000 (2005 est). German name: Königgrätz

Hra•dec Krá•lo•vé

(ˈhrɑ dɛts ˈkrɑ lə veɪ)
a town in the N Czech Republic, on the Elbe River: Austrians defeated by Prussians in Battle of Sadowa 1866. 164,000. German, Königgrätz.
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also had a surprising ability to foresee how a situation would develop and to take the right measures, as he demonstrated in his brilliant victories at Koeniggraetz on July 3, 1866, and Sedan on September 1-2, 1870.
He bested Denmark in a dispute over Schleswig-Holstein, then went against the Austrian Habsburgs at Koeniggraetz, winning a victory that established Prussian supremacy in Germany.
The Regiment had been raised in 1733 and among its battle honours were Kolin 1757, Belgrade 1789, Wagram 1809, Magenta and Solferino 1859 and Koeniggraetz 1866.