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(ˌkəʊɪˈnʊə) ,




(Jewellery) a very large oval Indian diamond, part of the British crown jewels since 1849, weighing 108.8 carats
[C19: from Persian Kōh-i-nūr, literally: mountain of light, from kōh mountain + Arabic nūr light]
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He said the recruited have been inducted in Education, Agriculture, TMA, Health, Social Welfare, Fatima Jinnah University and Koh i Noor Textile Mills.
The Club, situated in the basement of the Koh I Noor restaurant in New Sneddon Street, Paisley, has undergone a major refurbishment.
THE first thing that strikes you about the Koh I Noor is the fantastic decor and warm, welcoming atmosphere.
Visit to the Costa Diamond Factory - where the Koh I Noor diamond in the British Crown Jewels was cut.