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n. pl. Ko·hens or Ko·ha·nim (kō′hä-nĭm) Judaism
A male Jew belonging to a patrilineal line claiming descent from Aaron. Kohanim served as priests in ancient Judaism, and present-day Kohanim are accorded special status in Orthodox Judaism.

[Hebrew kōhēn, priest; akin to Aramaic kāhnā and Ugaritic khn.]


(kɒˈhɛn; kɔɪn) or


(Judaism) Judaism a member of the priestly family of the Tribe of Levi, descended from Aaron, who has certain ritual privileges in the synagogue service
[from Hebrew, literally: priest]
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The notion of ascendancy, as it relates to African people, is attributed to Kohain Hahlevi, a Hebrew Israelite rabbi, who coined the term African "ascendant" as opposed to African "descendant" to describe people of African heritage and their forward-moving nature.
1988) suggests, Kohain Hahlevi, a Hebrew Israelite rabbi, uses the term