Koizumi Junichiro

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 (koi-zo͞o′mē), Junichiro Born 1942.
Japanese politician who served as prime minister (2001-2006). He worked to revitalize the economy and strengthened Japan's ties with the United States.
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Moves towards a stronger presence in the international arena and deregulation and "structural reform" in the domestic sphere during the administration of Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro (2001-2006) have had long-lasting repercussions on the political, economic, and social "boundaries" of Japanese life that have been shifting during and after his tenure.
The chapter of Yamanashi said it is in favor of the idea ''to win in the House of Councillors election'' next summer, while the chapter of Okinawa questioned the handling of the issue by Koizumi Junichiro, then prime minister and LDP head, saying that ''the punishment by the executives under the Koizumi leadership went a little too far.''
Amaki, invited to the club after the recent publication of his new book ''Saraba (Farewell to) Koizumi Junichiro,'' criticized Koizumi for committing himself to continuing to support U.S.