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1. A Hopi kachina having a hunchback and an enlarged phallus and associated with fertility.
2. A figure of a flute player, often depicted as a hunchback and originally appearing in Southwestern rock art and pottery.

[Hopi kookopölö, hunchbacked Hopi kachina, humpbacked species of robber fly (later applied by non-Hopi anthropologists to images of flute players common in Southwestern rock art) : kooko-, of unknown meaning (perhaps akin to Zuni kokko, kachina) + pölö, lump, hump.]
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Orlando, FL, September 12, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Danny Ellis, known throughout Central Florida as Danny Blues or Kokopeli Dan, announced that he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Laryngeal Cancer.
Bruce Kokopeli and George Lakey (1986) have described this as 'organic' or shared leadership, where the phenomenon of leadership is passed around, rather than vested in one person.
On the cliffsides nearby, I saw vast panels of petroglyphs, some 2,000-year-old portraits of odd triangular figures, others the more familiar images of the flute-playing Kokopeli drawn roughly a thousand years later.
Kokopeli, Bruce and Lakey, George (1986) Leadership for Change: Towards a Feminist Vision, New Society Press, Boston.