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1. A Hopi kachina having a hunchback and an enlarged phallus and associated with fertility.
2. A figure of a flute player, often depicted as a hunchback and originally appearing in Southwestern rock art and pottery.

[Hopi kookopölö, hunchbacked Hopi kachina, humpbacked species of robber fly (later applied by non-Hopi anthropologists to images of flute players common in Southwestern rock art) : kooko-, of unknown meaning (perhaps akin to Zuni kokko, kachina) + pölö, lump, hump.]
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By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 23 October 2017: Hiking Club is organizing a Kokopelli event in Siwa that happens once a year.
Des representants de Kokopelli ( France ) et Slow Food ( Italie ) assisteront a la fete des semences paysannes qui se tiendra ce dimanche 30 octobre 2016 .
It was twilight, and Wellman was dressed in a black Japanese silk jacket with a lime green Kokopelli pin and a dark denim fisherman's hat.
She doesn't yet know exactly what she will do next but she is already involved in campaigning for environmental causes such as the marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd and the seed foundation Association Kokopelli.
Kokopelli is sometimes depicted as wearing feathers, and this traveling shapeshifter is a fertility deity who is often portrayed as a trickster who seduces women with his music; a Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers, according to John Young's book of that name.
an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company operating in North America's Piceance Basin and Peace River Arch regions, updates current development progress underway at the Kokopelli Project ( Kokopelli ).
Half an hour later, I was standing at another truck, the bright orange Tacos Kokopelli, where graduates of Tijuana's Culinary Art School fed me radiant fish tacos dressed in a pink haba-nero sauce that burned off the left side of my tongue.
Coupled with its fully funded eight-ten well programme at the now 25% owned Kokopelli project, it is well positioned to execute on its production growth objectives while preparing key exploration opportunities at Roan Creek and North Rangely, states CEO Robert L.
And Zed actually embodies the legendary Kokopelli, charged with battling Mayan witch Rooshth, who has virtually obliterated his people from the world.
International Resource News-April 2, 2013--Dejour Energy recommences Kokopelli drilling(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
435) 657-4099 Heber City, F UT 84032 4 Kokopelli Golf Club (435) 272-4653 4785 E.