Koksoak River

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Kok·so·ak River

 (kŏk′sō-äk′, -ăk′)
A river of northern Quebec, Canada, flowing about 870 km (540 mi) from the head of the Caniapiscau River, its longest tributary, generally northward to Ungava Bay.
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In 1882-84, he spent a year and half at Fort Chimo, the Hudson's Bay Company post at the mouth of the Koksoak River, where the present-day community of Kuujjuaq is located in Nunavik, the settled land-claim area of northern Quebec.
Many descendants of the Innu who formerly hunted in the George and Koksoak river valleys, traded at the Hudson's Bay Company posts at Fort Chimo (Kuujjuaq) or Fort Mckenzie (abandoned 1939) on the Caniapiscau, and subsequently moved to the vicinity of Schefferville in 1956 now reside in the communities of Kawawachikamach and Matimekosh.
on the Koksoak River near the south end of Ungava Bay, passengers will then begin the Arctic experience.
They chose a site on the west side of the Koksoak River, 12 km to the south of the Hudson Bay Company post at Fort Chimo.
After unloading the supplies destined for Crystal One, on the Koksoak River, Sicilien would then accompany Lark, Selis, and Polarbjorn to the mouth of Frobisher Bay , unload supplies for Crystal Two, and then rendezvous with Cormorant and Quest before proceeding to Crystal Three.
Their first destination was Crystal One, where they were to conduct a hydrographic survey of the Koksoak River, which Captain Bartlett (1946:602) described as "a tide-swept, boulder-paved demon." Once this survey was set in motion, they were to split into two groups, one of which, under Forbes' command, would proceed north to Frobisher Bay, pick up Major Crowell, and conduct a reconnaissance of the area to find a suitable location for the Crystal Two airfield.