Kol Nidre

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Kol Nid·re

 (kōl nĭd′rā, -rə, kôl nē-drā′)
n. Judaism
1. An opening prayer recited on the eve of Yom Kippur, retroactively or preemptively declaring the annulment of all personal vows made to God in the previous or following year.
2. The melody to which such a prayer is chanted.

[Aramaic kol nidrê, all vows (the opening words of the prayer) : kol, all; see kll in Semitic roots + nidrê, pl. bound form of nidrā, vow (from nədar, to vow; see nḏr in Semitic roots).]

Kol Nidre

(kɔːl ˈnɪdreɪ; Hebrew kɔl niːˈdre)
1. (Judaism) the evening service with which Yom Kippur begins
2. (Judaism) the opening prayer of that service, declaring null in advance any purely religious vows one may come to make in the coming year
[Aramaic kōl nidhrē all the vows; the prayer's opening words]

Kol Ni•dre

(ˌkɔl niˈdreɪ, ˌkoʊl ˈnɪd rə, -reɪ)
a Jewish prayer recited on the eve of Yom Kippur, asking that all unfulfilled vows to God be nullified.
[< Aramaic kōlnidhrē all vows]
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Noun1.Kol Nidre - the opening prayer on the eve of Yom Kippur
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He tells how one elderly congregant, Bessie Glazier, dressed up on Shabbat as if she were going to shul when she attended services via live-stream from her home; she streamed Kol Nidre services right before she died in October 2016.
Kol Nidre annuls the pledges made the previous year.
Kol nidre, Ode to Napoleon, A Survivor from Warsaw: The notation itself avoids specific pitches.
These honors are honors such as being called to the Torah, also known as an Aliya, or the opening of the Ark or the honor of holding the holy Torah scroll for the poignant Kol Nidre prayer on Yom Kippur Eve.
Recited in the evening service that opens the fast of Yom Kippur, the Kol Nidre dates back to at least the sixth century.
We can take Communion, attend Kol Nidre services, conduct salah or stay home and watch Glee.
The first thing to notice about Kol Nidre is, I think, how very strange it is--and strange in a variety of ways.
Others include the lyrical Arenal; Cobalto, a dreamlike reflection on eroticism; Castrati; and Kol Nidre, a reflection on the children of war.
While there is an interesting parallel to be noted here, as King points out, it is not possible to determine that there was a direct relationship between the Kol Nidre rituals as they have emerged and Jesus's utterance, though both may have had their source in the distinction between wilful and unintentional sins found in the Torah.
Jewish singer and songwriter Gil Akebayov graces INN readers with his version of the famous Kol Nidre prayer which begins the Yom Kippur service.
Weep for Those" and "My Soul is Dark" evokes the Kol Nidre prayer which opens the service for the Day of Atonement, and that of "The Harp the Monarch Minstrel Swept" is based on the Ya'aleh, a prayer from the evening service.
Finally, he represents Schonberg's music written in America as being full-fledged modernist, though he acknowledges that some compositions, notably his Kol Nidre, Ode to Buonaparte, and A Survivor from Warsaw, violate a basic tenet of European modernism by attempting to communicate with his audience, thereby departing from the elitist attitude of earlier works.