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 (kōl′wĭts′, kôl′vĭts′), Käthe or Kaethe 1867-1945.
German artist whose sculptures and prints, including The Living to the Dead (1919), express her abhorrence of war and poverty.


(German ˈkɔlvɪts)
(Biography) Käthe (ˈkɛːtə). 1867–1945, German lithographer and sculptress


(ˈkɔl vɪts)

Kä•the (ˈkɛ tə) 1867–1945, German artist.
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Contract notice: Equipment room doors and built-in parts, energetic renovation of the quadruple sports hall with connection to the entrance building of the Kthe Kollwitz School
Serenity III: More Peaceful Music on the Chapman Stick is music artist Michael Kollwitz's third CD of relaxing music created on the unique, uncommon stringed instrument created by Emmett Chapman, and known as The Chapman Stick (R) (more info about this marvelous instrument can be found on www.stick.com or on Wikipedia--it's classified as part of the guitar family, and known for its ability to play base lines, melody lines, chords or textures).
Turner, Hieronymus Bosch, Kathe Kollwitz, Edward Hopper, Rico Lebrun, Richard Diebenkorn, Nancy Grossman and Jim Dine who she turned to for assistance, inspiration, and encouragement.
As a student I learnt how to draw birds by looking at the work of Eric Ennion, but also basked in the colour of Bonnard and greatly admired the graphic work of Kathe Kollwitz, and of German expressionist printmakers; I love the asymmetric beauty of Chinese painting and the immersive texture, strange atmosphere and colour of Peter Doig.
FILE- Photo of KEnthe Kollwitz Museum CAIRO -- 6 June 2018: Berlin is one of the most beautiful European cities I have ever visited as a cabin crew.
Designed on the Pantheon and housing a Pieta, it's dedicated to all victims of oppression and it's said sculpture by Kathe Kollwitz - who was persecuted by the Nazis - weeps when rain falls from the oculus above.
It makes sense, then, that two of his favorite artists were Francisco Goya and the social realist Kathe Kollwitz, both of whom produced significant bodies of printed work.
After the tour stick around for a stage reading of Elena Penga's Kathe Kollwitz, which presents a brief history of modern art at 8.30pm.
typified by a pair of statues by German artist Kathe Kollwitz, which
On the anniversary of the artist's 150th birthday, this show focuses on the relationships Kollwitz forged with other artists, patrons and friends such as Albert Einstein and Otto Nagel.
And then there is Kathe Kollwitz who embarked upon a riveting artistic odyssey and was denounced by the Nazis as culturally degenerate.
Kathe Kollwitz's art is often associated with death.