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 (kōl′wĭts′, kôl′vĭts′), Käthe or Kaethe 1867-1945.
German artist whose sculptures and prints, including The Living to the Dead (1919), express her abhorrence of war and poverty.


(German ˈkɔlvɪts)
(Biography) Käthe (ˈkɛːtə). 1867–1945, German lithographer and sculptress


(ˈkɔl vɪts)

Kä•the (ˈkɛ tə) 1867–1945, German artist.
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Although there are essays on Kandinsky, Klimt and Kollwitz, discussion tends to be set primarily within a North American context, where, as this collection shows, there is already a strong presumption that, as the editors put it, 'the visual could be a medium of knowing as well as showing'--both for artists and theologians.
BRINGING THE UNIT TO LIFE Before exploring their own self, students were shown prints by German Expressionist Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945) and contemporary artist Thorn Shaw.
Deprived of both, Kollwitz concentrated her figural work on expressive heads and hands, displacing beneath heavy folds of indeterminate garments a phantom anatomy; whereas, among French women artists--for example, Suzanne Valadon (1867-1938), born the same year as Kollwitz (1867-1945)--we find a familiarity with the nude and with anatomy.
Among the artists featured are Judith Leyster, Angelica Kauffmann, Emily Mary Osborn, Camille Claudel, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Georgia O'Keefe, Kathe Kollwitz, Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, Faith Ringgold, and Judy Chicago.
During the 90s the Barber acquired strong prints and drawings by artists including Emil Nolde, Lovis Corinth, Max Klinger, Kathe Kollwitz, Otto Dix, Karl Schmidt-Rottluf and Max Beckmann.
It centres on the collection of prints and drawings on this theme recently acquired by the Barber Institute, including work by Max Beckmann, Kathe Kollwitz and Egon Schiele.
We note the sculpture of a dog that reminds us of Brancusi; a mother and child evocative of Kollwitz.
as Kathe Kollwitz did; "One male journalist," she said, "is still threatening to sue us for charging white males a higher subscription rate to Hot Flashes [their newspaper] than women or artists of color.
After a disastrous marriage, she ended up in Greenwich Village where she became involved with the feminist and Indian-independence movements, and met the haut monde of postwar American political activism--people such as Margaret Sanger, Kathe Kollwitz, Roger Baldwin and Emma Goldman.
Tenders are invited for 012-2018, sanitary works (lot 1) and heating (lot 2), energetic renovation of the quadruple sports hall with connection to the entrance building of the kthe kollwitz school, deichtorstrae 2, 51371 leverkusen
Until Mar 30 Dancing with Virtuoso: Balthus, Caspar David Friedrich, Giorgio Morandi, and Kathe Kollwitz, Works on Paper
Etienne put together a two-woman traveling show of Modersohn-Becker and Kathe Kollwitz.