Komandorski Islands

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Ko·man·dor·ski Islands

 (kŏm′ən-dôr′skē) also Ko·man·dor·ski·ye Islands (-skē-yĕ)
An island group of northeast Russia in the Bering Sea east of the Kamchatka Peninsula.
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The ships were dueling in a remote area of open ocean, closer to Russia's Komandorski Islands than to the Aleutians, which made any chance of getting support for the attack a long shot from the start.
Principal campaigns and battles: Cape Esperance (Guadalcanal) (1942); Komandorski Islands (1943).
Richmond (CL-9) (December); bombarded the Japanese-held island of Attu in the Aleutians (February 1943); off the Komandorski Islands he intercepted a Japanese relief force for the garrison on Kiska under Adm.