Kootenay River

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Koo·te·nay River

also Koo·te·nai River  (ko͞ot′n-ā′)
A river, about 780 km (485 mi) long, flowing from southeast British Columbia, Canada, south through northwest Montana, northwest through northern Idaho, and then north again into British Columbia, where it widens to form Kootenay Lake before joining the Columbia River.
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In the 16 years that followed he ranged from the Kootenai River in Montana to the Gila in Arizona, from the shores of the Pacific to the eastern slopes of the Black Hills.
Christina Progress is the project manager for the OU-3 area, which also includes the Kootenai River. She was in Libby recently for a public meeting about the mine site cleanup and said that W.R.
No one has ever lived here year-round, not even the First People, the Kootenai, who lived along the Kootenai River and, as a fishing culture, used the Yaak mostly for hunting.
arcticum complex Noncombinational sites.--I analyzed more than 100 larvae from the Kootenai River in northwestern Montana (Table 4).
All populations of white sturgeon in Canada are listed as endangered, as well as those in Idaho and Montana, notably the Kootenai River.
(87) Exceptions to what is referred to as run-of-the-river dams include Grand Coulee Dam on the mainstem, a Bureau of Reclamation facility built for irrigation and in service by 1941; Hungry Horse Dam completed on a tributary, the South Fork of the Flathead, in 1952; Libby Dam completed on a tributary upstream from Canada, the Kootenai River, in 1975; and Dworshak Dam completed on a tributary, the North Fork of the Clearwater, in 1973 (Figure 2).
2004;46:219-25) and more recently reported on 11 new cases of mesothelioma in people with environmental exposure to contamination in the community, surrounding forest, and Kootenai river and railroad tracks used to haul the vermiculite (Am.
"The Idaho Fish & Game agency holds the lower lands, and then there's national forest above that." Here, Bliss speaks of the Kootenai River bottoms on the west side of Highway 1.
Fish and Wildlife Service to recover endangered Kootenai River white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus).
Jay Kincaid heads down a waterfall on the Kootenai River in Montana.
* An effort by an Idaho elementary school to return a local stream to its former glory as the premier trout stream on the Kootenai River;
Kootenai River White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) A final designation of critical habitat was published on September 6 for 11.2 miles (18 km) of the Kootenai River in northern Idaho to benefit the endangered Kootenai River white sturgeon.
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