Korsakoff syndrome

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Kor·sa·koff syndrome

 (kôr′sə-kôf′, -kŏf′) also Kor·sa·koff's syndrome (-kôfs′, -kŏfs′)
A neurological syndrome characterized by loss of coordination, disorientation, and memory loss, often accompanied by confabulation. It results from thiamine deficiency, which can be caused by chronic alcoholism, malnutrition, or other factors. Also called Korsakoff psychosis.

[After Sergei Sergeevich Korsakoff (1854-1900), Russian neurologist.]
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Chronic Neurological Manifestations of Alcoholics n=150 Chronic Manifestations Present(%) Absent(%) Peripheral neuropathy 42 (28) 108 (72) Cerebellar degeneration 25 (16.7) 125 (83.3) Wernicke syndrome 10 (6.7) 140 (93.3) Korsakoff psychosis 2 (1.3) 148 (98.7) Table 3.
I became aware of Korsakoff Psychosis while living with my alcoholic husband, it left him like a senile dementia sufferer by the age of 35.
My mother was only 56 when she developed Korsakoff psychosis, otherwise known as alcohol dementia.