Korsakov's syndrome

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Noun1.Korsakov's syndrome - dementia observed during the last stages of severe chronic alcoholism; involves loss of memory for recent events although long term memory is intact
dementedness, dementia - mental deterioration of organic or functional origin
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The boy, who is aged between 11 and 13, is thought to be the youngest person ever to be diagnosed with Korsakov's syndrome.
Dr William Morrison, chairman of the NHS quality improvement group for alcohol in Scotland, said: "I am astounded that someone so young could have Korsakov's syndrome.
Perhaps the most significant witness called by Eakin to substantiate his case is the neurologist Oliver Sacks, whose account of the collapse of identity in two of his patients suffering from Korsakov's syndrome dramatizes the utmost extremity of disablement, a catastrophic loss of memory leading to the failure of continuous selfhood, which is the polar opposite of what can be achieved through the autobiographical act.