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 (kôr′ə-fē′əs, kŏr′-)
n. pl. cor·y·phae·i (-fē′ī′)
1. The leader of a Greek chorus.
2. A leader or spokesperson.

[Latin, leader, from Greek koruphaios, from koruphē, head; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˌkɒrɪˈfiːəs) or


n, pl -phaei (-ˈfiːaɪ)
1. (Theatre) (in ancient Greek drama) the leader of the chorus
2. archaic or literary a leader of a group
[C17: from Latin, from Greek koruphaios leader, from koruphē summit]
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(ˌkɔr əˈfi əs, ˌkɒr-)

n., pl. -phae•i (-ˈfi aɪ)
1. the leader of the chorus in ancient Greek drama.
2. a spokesperson.
[1625–35; < Latin < Greek koryphaîos leading, derivative of koryph(ḗ) head, top]
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- A Greek word meaning "chief," for the leader of a party, sect, school of thought, etc.
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