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 (kô′sə-vō′, kō′-)
A republic of the western Balkan Peninsula. Settled by Slavs around 600, the area was under Turkish rule from 1389 to 1913 and became part of Yugoslavia after World War I. An autonomous region of Serbia after 1946, Kosovo lost much of its autonomy in 1990, leading to ethnic violence between Kosovo's Albanian and Serb populations. Intervention by NATO and the United Nations reestablished peace in 1999. In 2008, Kosovo declared independence; however, its sovereignty was not universally recognized at that time. Priština is the capital and largest city.

Ko′so·var′ (-vär′) adj. & n.


(Serbian ˈkɔsɔvɔ; ˈkɒsəvəʊ) or


(Placename) an autonomous province of Serbia, in the SW: chiefly Albanian in population since the 13th century; Serb suppression of separatists escalated to a policy of ethnic cleansing in 1998, provoking NATO airstrikes against Serbia in 1999 and takeover by UN administration; unilaterally declared independence in 2008. Mainly a plateau. Capital: Priština. Pop: 1 847 708 (2013 est). Area: 10 887 sq km (4203 sq miles). Full Serbian name: Kosovo-Metohija


(ˈkoʊ səˌvoʊ, ˈkɒs ə-)
an autonomous province within Serbia, in S Yugoslavia. 1,800,000; 4203 sq. mi. (10,887 sq. km). Cap.: Priština.
Ko•so•var (ˈkoʊ səˌvɑr, ˈkɒs ə-) n., adj.
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Noun1.Kosovo - a Serbian province in southern Serbia and Montenegro populated predominantly by Albanians
Serbia, Srbija - a historical region in central and northern Yugoslavia; Serbs settled the region in the 6th and 7th centuries
nước Kosovo


[ˈkɒsəvəʊ] nKosovo m


nKosovo nt


كُوسُوفُو Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo Κόσοβο Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo コソボ 코소보 Kosovo Kosovo Kosowo Kosovo Косово Kosovo ประเทศโคโซโว Kosova nước Kosovo 科索沃
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State Minister mentioned that Kosovo also emerged as an independent nation after making the extreme sacrifice like Bangladesh and Bangladesh will always understand and remember the heavy price paid by Kosovo for its independence.
It was a wonderful ceremony and this Games is also a piece of history for my country because Kosovo is participating in the Winter Olympics for the first time," Thaci said through a translator during an interview with The Korea Times in Gangneung, Gangwon Province.
KFOR [NATO's Kosovo Force] remain a robust and credible force, capable of carrying out its mission for as long as it's necessary," NATO's Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, Gen.
The United States has been joined by over 100 countries in its recognition of Kosovo as an independent, sovereign state.
Kosovo is already a member of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and has applied for membership in the EU.
There are no comprehensive reports assessing drug use in Kosovo.
But with the historic Brussels Agreement, Serbia agreed to normalize relations by recognizing the reality on the ground and the absolute authority of the Kosovo government and constitution in the entire territory of Kosovo.
The establishment of this territory as a political subject has its roots in the time when the Republic of Kosovo was established.
Aleksandar Vucic visited ethnic Serbs in Kosovo on Tuesday, for the Orthodox Christmas.
In an interview with Kyodo News, Dacic, speaking through an interpreter, said, "There is not going to be a referendum," stating the Serbian government's position on the issue for the first time after it struck the deal with Kosovo on April 19.
The population of Kosovo according to the census of April 2011 is 1.
Macedonian products have taken a bigger share of the Kosovo market supplanting those from Serbia when the Kosovo authorities introduced last year a 2-month embargo on Serbian products as a counter-measure to Serbia's refusal to recognize Kosovo's customs documents.