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A city of northwest India south-southwest of Delhi. Enclosed by a massive wall, it is an agricultural market and has many fine temples.
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(ˈkəʊtə) or


(Placename) a city in NW India, in Rajasthan on the Chambal River: textile industry. op.: 695 899 (2001)
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Noun1.Kota - a member of the Dravidian people living in the Nilgiri Hills in southern IndiaKota - a member of the Dravidian people living in the Nilgiri Hills in southern India
Dravidian - a member of one of the aboriginal races of India (pushed south by Caucasians and now mixed with them)
2.Kota - a Dravidian language spoken by the Kota
South Dravidian - a Dravidian language spoken primarily in southern India
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Why, even the tiny balu of the tribe of Go-lat, the great ape, was better fitted to survive than these, for a balu could at least escape the numerous creatures that menaced its existence, while with the possible exception of Kota, the tortoise, none moved so slowly as did helpless and feeble man.
Kota Raja Returning Officer Shukri Mohamad Hamin announced the candidates for Kota Raja and the Sentosa, Sungai Kandis and Kota Kemuning state seats this morning at the Kemuning Utama MBSA hall here.
KOTA Longboards started in the Spring of 2012, out of the Founders garage and has expanded into an 10,000 sq ft factory in Denver, Colorado.
During wind tunnel tests last spring, Kota says, the prototype wing resisted aerodynamic forces more than three times as great as those expected in flight.
MH2631 Kota Kinabalu/Kuala Lumpur 7.20pm/9.50pm - Retimed from original schedule
KOTA has been making high performance longboard skateboards since 2012.
According to a spokesman at the Kota Marudu District Disaster Management Secretariat, 203 of the victims were from Kampung Kuranji, while the remaining 33 people were from Kampung Popok Darat.