Koyukuk River

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Koy·u·kuk River

A river, about 800 km (500 mi) long, of northern Alaska flowing generally southwest from the Brooks Range to the Yukon River.
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Far more remote than the Kantishna Roadhouse is Koyukuk River Tribal Tours (KRTT), which diff'ers from other Native tourism businesses in many ways--among them ownership.
Star North Fork of the Valley of 10,000 Blue pools on the attraction Koyukuk River, Smokes, a Root Glacier.
This study took place in the upper reaches of the Koyukuk River in north-central Alaska (Fig.
Traditional ecological knowledge and contemporary subsistence harvest of non-salmon fish in the Koyukuk River drainage, Alaska.
It was the sharp eyes of the veteran outfitter who first noticed the tawny coat of the cow moose standing guard over a pair of newborn calves on a small brush-choked island in the Koyukuk River tributary.
This year looks great thanks to high populations and an effort by Alaska Fish & Game to target grizzly bears that predominantly feed on moose calves in key areas, like Umphenour's Koyukuk River Area, where the bears have learned to search small islands for calving moose in the spring.
With ABC film crews and the Secret Service standing by, the Palins worked a line of tourists before posing for pictures with the moose hunters in front of one of two boats the men were hauling north to the Koyukuk River.
Everyone in Wiseman lives a subsistence lifestyle, hunting moose and caribou for meat, catching fish in the Koyukuk River, growing gardens that have to be started indoors in March and April, and trapping lynxes, wolverines, wolves, and other furbearers for additional income.
From Anaktuvuk Pass, home of America's last nomadic hunters, we will backpack for seven days through glacially carved valleys and over low passes to the North Fork of the Koyukuk River, where rafts will be dropped by a bush pilot.
The 45 Dall's sheep I am watching-rams, ewes and lambs-are gathered on a rocky cliff about a quarter mile away from where I am standing on the other side of the frozen Koyukuk River. This is breeding season and the sheep seem more interested in one another than the weather.
After a spectacular flight up into the Brooks Range, our pilot set us down on a shingle beach beside the North Fork of the Koyukuk river at the foot of Mt.
At RGV-39, overlooking the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk River, the maintenance crew restored power without realizing that they had left the manual switch that closes the valve in the "on" position.