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 (krăz′nər), Lee 1908-1984.
American artist known for her spontaneous, gestural approach to painting. She was a founder of the New York School of abstract expressionism.
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Noun1.Krasner - United States artist remembered for her spontaneous approach to painting; she was a founder of the New York school of abstract expressionism (1908-1984)
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GERALD Krasner, a football finance expert and former chairman of Leeds United who tried to steady the ship following the overspending of the Peter Ridsdale regime, has specifically named Huddersfield Town as an example of a 'frugal well-run club'.
Why would a famous artist give an interview to a 22-year-old?' a colleague once challenged me when I spoke about my first meeting with Lee Krasner (Fig.
WHEN LARRY KRASNER, a longtime Philadelphia civil rights lawyer, announced he was running to be the city's next district attorney (D.A.), the local establishment treated his candidacy more like a punchline than an actual threat.
Larry Krasner twists and turns the touchscreen map on the dashboard of his red Tesla, reorienting the city's streets as he navigates through unusually heavy traffic on a rainy afternoon in Philadelphia--all the while discussing the finer points of cash bail, civil asset forfeiture, juvenile justice, and the root causes of mass incarceration.
He describes its opening in conjunction with the national City Beautiful movement, the role of founder Adolph Zang, the park's rides, its financial and structural difficulties, how Benjamin Krasner bought it in 1935, remodeling efforts, the takeover by Rhoda Krasner, the Lakeside Speedway, and other aspects.
Gerald Krasner is a partner in the Newcastle office of national receivership experts Begbies Traynor, though he is probably best known for carrying out rescues of stricken football clubs Leeds United and Bournmouth.
DigiSight Technologies Inc, a digital health company developing mobile solutions to improve care and clinical outcomes, has named Missy Krasner as its director, it was reported yesterday.
Gerald Krasner can vividly remember the press conference where he was about to clear his throat and deliver the news that AFC Bournemouth no longer had enough money to make it through to lunchtime.
Gerald Krasner, partner at insolvency experts Begbies Traynor and former chairman of Leeds United, says the owners should be focused on returning to the Championship rather than building a new stadium.
Compare and contrast--that indelible Art 101 injunction so central to creating meaning between the work of often incongruent and marginalized figures--is the analytical mode that this exhibition, "From the Margins: Lee Krasner and Norman Lewis, 1945-1952," invites us to* adopt.
Gerald Krasner said any initial deal for a stake in the club would eectively be a "deposit" ahead of the investor assuming overall control.