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npl -os
1. (Languages) the English-based creole widely used as a lingua franca in Sierra Leone. Its principal language of admixture is Yoruba
2. (Peoples) a native speaker of Krio
3. (Languages) (modifier) of or relating to the Krio language or Krios: Krio poetry.
4. (Peoples) (modifier) of or relating to the Krio language or Krios: Krio poetry.
[alteration of creole]
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(ˈkri oʊ)

an English-based creole of Sierra Leone: a first language of the residents of Freetown and its environs, and a lingua franca elsewhere in the country.
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Unlike other performing spirits--known as haleisia in Mende, debuls or 'devils' in Krio, or 'masquerades' in academic English--Gongoli's pervasive popularity is rooted in neither splendour nor esteem.
He speaks Albanian, Russian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Urdu, Hindi and West African Krio.
Social identities are very fluid across the subregion, and it is not uncommon to find cases where a Sierra Leonean has a house in Freetown and Conakry, speaks both Krio and Fula or Susu fluently, and can pass as a Guinean or a Sierra Leonean.
In addition to English, Lu speaks Chinese, West African Krio, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Georgian, Azerbaijani and Albanian.
He explained the PNB reporting mechanism using the PNB 515 free phone line on all networks, the mobile application in Krio, Temne and Mende that can be downloaded on Google play and the website;
Moreover, among the hip hop community he is known by stage name Big JC, "JC meaning 'Just Come' in Krio alluding to his foreign origins and Big due to his height of 6'6." (32) Foday is a hip hop advocate who is the founder of The Black Star Action Network International (BSANI), a Pan-African community based organization that addresses issues in human and civil rights, health, and literacy.
The program, which was designed and implemented by Fambul Tok ("Family Talk" in Krio), a Sierra Leonean nongovernmental organization, brought victims face-to-face with perpetrators in community forums.
English is the official language but a local tongue known as Krio is widely spoken, as well as various tribal languages.
Their topics include language and ethnic hierarchy in Mauritius, chronicle of a creole: the ironic history of Afrikaans, dynamics of inclusion and exclusion related to a creole language: Krio as an ambivalent semiotic register in present-day Sierra Leone, bambinos and kassu bodi: comments on linguistic appropriations on Cape Verde Islands, and Cameroon pidgin as index of speakers' social status and roles: evidence from literary texts.
A translator repeated his message in Krio, the country's most widely spoken language.
Survivors and controls were invited to participate in English or Krio, as preferred, with local ophthalmic nurses acting as interpreters.