Krivoi Rog

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Kri·voi Rog

or Kri·voy Rog  (krĭ-voi′ rōg′, rôk′)
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Kri•voi Rog

(krɪˈvɔɪ ˈroʊg, ˈrɔk)
a city in SE Ukraine, SW of Dnepropetrovsk. 713,000.
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The SPECTRO xSORT has been demonstrated in many engineering companies and firms of the mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine were it received positive responses of the experts of the following companies: Turboatom, Khar'kov; Kotloturboprom, Khar'kov; NKMS, Kramatorsk; KZMO, Konstantinovka; Dneprospetsstal', Zaporozh'e; Motor Sich, Zaporozh'e; Ordzhonikidze GOK; Marganetsk GOK; Marganetsk Ore Repair Plant; TsGOK, Krivoi Rog; InGOK, Krivoi Rog; Acelor Mittal, Krivoi Rog; REGOM, Krivoi Rog; Aleksandriiskii Ore Repair Plant.
Among the programmes aimed at the study of the properties and state of the Earth's crystalline crust the most interesting results were obtained when drilling the Kola (12261 m), Ural (6010 m) Saatly (8267 m), Krivoi Rog (3600 m) etc.