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 (krō′bər), Alfred Louis 1876-1960.
American anthropologist noted for his inquiry into the nature of culture. He was influential in the development of anthropology as an academic field.


(ˈkroʊ bər)

Alfred Louis, 1876–1960, U.S. anthropologist.
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Noun1.Kroeber - United States anthropologist noted for his studies of culture (1876-1960)
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Her father, Alfred Kroeber, established the Anthropology Department at Berkeley and her mother, Theodora Kroeber, wrote the biography of the last remaining "wild Indian" in the US.
From 1911 to 1914, Thomas Waterman and his boss Alfred Kroeber repeatedly pressed Ishi to make a return trip to Deer Creek Canyon so both anthropologists could study Ishi in his native environment.
Arthur Kroeber, a veteran on China, however, was more scathing: 'Another year, another G20, another yawn.
At the seminar entitled "China's Economy: Powerhouse, Menace or the Next Japan", Arthur R Kroeber, one of the world's leading commentators on the Chinese economy, will answer questions about the mainland's economic outlook as it shifts from an investment-driven to a consumer-oriented economy.
if you need assistance with directions to the site visit: contact: cpt chris kroeber at 801-716-9056.
It is a repository for valuable materials that date back to the very beginning of anthropological study in the American West, which was forged by noted anthropologist Theodora Kroeber.
A truly stupid person fired a weapon from an automobile--claiming no intent to harm anyone but striking plaintiff Heidi Kroeber and injuring her.
In so doing, Heppell dismissed renowned art historians and anthropologists such as Riegl (1893), Gombrich (1979), Boas (1955), and Kroeber (1900), to name a few.
3]), which provides strong color, has tinting strength, good opacity and, besides, can be easily ground and finely pulverized (Bonavia, 1959, 1985; Petersen 1970, 2010; Berthelot, 1986; Harben and Kuzvart, 1996; Kroeber and Collier, 1998; Harben, 1999; Orefici and Drusini, 2003; Vaughn et al.
Alfred] Kroeber and [Robert] Lowie, Du Bois's two mentors from her graduate years at the University of California, Berkeley, had nothing to do with her Harvard appointment.
Committed, like many of that generation, to 'salvage anthropology' among the shattered and decimated victims of the colonial settlement, Kroeber and his colleagues and students gave Ishi a home at the museum, while recording his language, and technological knowledge, and whatever else of a seemingly fragmented culture they could retrieve.