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Noun1.Kronecker - German mathematician (1823-1891)
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The array aperture is greatly expanded by the vectorization method and the Kronecker product operation, and the array DOF is increased.
Shintani, On a Kronecker limit formula for real quadratic fields, J.
The discussion of elementary number theory covers the distribution of primes, sums of squares, continued fractions, the class group, the genus group, and the Legendre, Jacobi, and Kronecker symbols.
To order to reduce complexity, they use the property that the Kronecker product results of transmit and receive steering vectors can be implemented as one new steering vector.
Indeed, the orthogonality condition requires that ([[phi].sub.i],[[phi].sub.j]) = [[delta].sub.ij], where [[delta].sub.ij] is the Kronecker delta.
Zhou, Exploiting local structures with the kronecker layer in convolutional networks, 2015.
In [12], the property of the Kronecker product is utilized to formulate a cost function in the quadratic form.
where [[delta].sub.l,l'] is the Kronecker delta symbol, and
where U is a function of the generalized Kronecker delta.
From Theorem 7 above, since B is invertible, then we have vec([DELTA]X) = [B.sup.-1][LAMBDA][GAMMA], and the Kronecker Frechet derivative
Scalable modeling of real graphs using kronecker multiplication, Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Machine Learning, ICML '07, pp.