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(krʌnˈʃtɑt, -ˈstæt)

a naval base in the NW Russian Federation, on an island in the Gulf of Finland.
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They took part in Russia's Main Naval Parade off Kronshtadt and in Baltic Sea maneuvers jointly with the warships of the Russian Baltic and Black Sea Fleets, and also made a business call at the port of the capital of Algeria.
After the uprising of armed seamen in Kronshtadt in March 1921, Lenin was forced to depart from his initial plans for the construction of "socialism" and form a New Economic Policy (NEP).
Kosakovskii, eds., Kronshtadt 1921: Dokumenty (Moscow: Rossiia XXvek, 1997).
Trotsky demonstrated that this was not empty rhetoric during the rebellion at the Kronshtadt naval base in February 1921.
Shipping ARRIVALS Today: Jork Ruler, Kronshtadt. Happy Girl, Stenungsund.
Tech package has polish without ostentation, while locations across the country from Kronshtadt in the North to Yalta in the South are cunningly used to make up pic's unnamed town.
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Furthermore, a significant percentage of the 7300 Mi-8s built have been modified to carry weapons, but as both types share a common dynamic system, the flight simulators produced by Kronshtadt can be easily modified for the tandem seating of the Mi-24/-35 or the side-by-side Mi-8/-17 configuration.
Other substantive issues explored in the book include the political oppositions to the Bolsheviks, both within and outside the party; economic policy; attention to events in the Donbass and the Urals, as well as Moscow and Petrograd; a meticulous narrative of the strike movement in Petrograd on the eve of the Kronshtadt rebellion (based largely on a 1973 Soviet work); and a discussion of trade union politics.
Army Group North advanced quickly along the Baltic coast in the first few weeks and by September 1941 had seized the entire coast (except the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland), including the large Soviet naval bases at Leningrad and Kronshtadt. Hence the Germans and the Finns could operate in the Bay of Kronshtadt to destroy the remainder of the Soviet Baltic Fleet.
Andrei Ivanovich Tsybulenko was absent, as Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti dryly noted, "for reasons beyond his control." (2) Tsybulenko had been arrested that morning when the ship docked in the naval base of Kronshtadt following a tip off from the Russian consul in Christiana.