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 (kro͞o′gə-rănd′, -ränd′)
A one-ounce gold coin of the Republic of South Africa.

[Afrikaans : after Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger (1825-1904), South African politician + rand, rand; see rand1.]


(Currencies) a South African coin used for investment only and containing 1 troy ounce of gold
[C20: from S. J. P. Kruger + rand1]


(ˈkru gəˌrænd, -ˌrɑnd)

(sometimes l.c.) a one-ounce gold coin of the Republic of South Africa, equal to 25 rand.


[ˈkruːgəˌrænd] Nkrugerrand m
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Valuations will be available for the following types of collectables: Coins (including British & World, sovereigns, Krugerrands, Royal Mint commemoratives & proof sets), stamps, banknotes, medals & militaria, antiques, clocks, watches, jewellery, gold, silver, pre-1900 documents/ books & maps, cigarette-cards, postcards, pre-1960 sporting programmes & tickets, scientific instruments, swords, bayonets, antique firearms, pens, vintage comics and vintage toys.
In addition, a small collection of gold coins, a William IV sovereign, Krugerrands and American 20-dollar piece are available.
Police recovered the 19 Krugerrands after a high-speed car chase on the A82 near Dumbarton.
Nigel Goldman, whose return to Britain from sun-drenched Marbella coincided with the Spanish investigation, swindled eBay customers out of cash for krugerrands and sovereigns.
The central bank of South Africa has announced that it has found anomalies in the production of Krugerrands, coins produced in small batches for collectors.
Some pounds 35,000 to pounds 40,000 of fabulous gold jewellery, rings, chains, sovereigns, Krugerrands, gold dollars, etc were brought in for our next fine art sale.
You can invest in gold in a number of ways - by buying the stuff itself (sovereigns, Krugerrands or gold bars), or by investing in shares in gold mining companies or in gold funds.
We have people turning up asking for pounds 500,000 worth of gold Krugerrands, saying they had decided to cash in their pension and feel safer with their money in the South African gold coins.
Q: I have two gold krugerrands and three half sovereigns from 1905, 1918 and 1919.
Before that, you could buy gold coins or Krugerrands or something like that and bury them in your backyard.
During the 1980s the SADF supplemented the Modelo B with a variety of 9mm pistols, one of the more common being the Czech-made CZ75--apparently the Czechs cared more for Krugerrands than they did UN embargoes.
FED-UP savers have been flocking to invest instead in gold bars (left) and Krugerrands.