Krukenberg tumor

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Kru·ken·berg tu·mor

n. tumor de Krukenberg, tumor maligno del ovario, gen. bilateral y frecuentemente secundario a un cáncer del tracto gastrointestinal.
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In addition, direct adjacent invasion, peritoneal seeding, and Krukenberg tumor are less seen but are also very important in clinic with poor prognosis.
Excision of the ovarian mass revealed Krukenberg tumor (KKT).
Krukenberg tumor complicating pregnancy: report of a case with androgenic activity.
0%) had malignant masses (specifically, one Krukenberg tumor, one dysgerminoma, one malignant mixed tumor, one immature teratoma, one mucinous adenocarcinoma, and two primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNETs)), and one woman (5.
Krukenberg tumor as the initial manifestation of gastric cancer in a 23-year-old woman
An example is the Krukenberg tumor, a cancer that originates in the stomach and metastasizes to the ovary.
We report three cases of Krukenberg tumor (KT): two were synchronous and one metachronous.
In the present study two cases of Krukenberg tumor had primary carcinoma in the stomach and presented with gastro-intestinal disturbances.