Krukenberg tumor

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Kru·ken·berg tu·mor

n. tumor de Krukenberg, tumor maligno del ovario, gen. bilateral y frecuentemente secundario a un cáncer del tracto gastrointestinal.
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Krukenberg tumors of gastric origin: The rationale of surgical resection and perioperative treatments in a multicenter western experience.
We report three cases of Krukenberg tumor (KT): two were synchronous and one metachronous.
5, 6) and 2 cases of Krukenberg tumors of ovary 2/34 (5.
CONCLUSION: Sex cord stromal tumors, germ cell tumors and krukenberg tumors can be easily diagnosed on morphological basis.
Also, ovarian metastases, including Krukenberg tumors, may be mistaken as a solid sex-cord stromal tumor and can appear as solid or complex ovarian masses (Figure 7).
It must be borne in mind, however, that unilateral ovarian involvement of Krukenberg tumors occurs in as many as 37% of cases, although in many instances both ovaries are not removed or rigorously examined microscopically.
Survival benefit of metastasectomy for Krukenberg tumors from gastric cancer.
Gall bladder and biliary carcinomas are extremely rare causes of krukenberg tumors (2).
Krukenberg tumors are generally bilateral and have both solid and cystic component with varying T1 and T2 signal.
1] Ovarian metastasis can give rise to Krukenberg tumors and may simulate primary ovarian neoplasms.
Drop metastases to the ovaries are known as Krukenberg tumors.
24) Although frequently used as a synonym for ovarian metastases, Krukenberg tumor refers only to metastases composed of mucin signet-ring cells, usually from gastric cancer.