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Noun1.Kuchean - a dialect of Tocharian
Tocharian - a branch of the Indo-European language family that originated in central Asia during the first millennium A.D.
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The great Kuchean Buddhist proselytizer Kumarajiva translated thousands of manuscripts from Sanskrit into Chinese, stimulating the dissemination of Buddhism in China.
Similarly, if Kuchean brahmi is based on written Sanskrit as it was pronounced by medieval Buddhists from the west, that borrowing process should be instructive.
Kumarajiva, a great philosopher, son of a Kashmiri Brahmana, Kumarayana and a Kuchean Princess, Jiva, a Sanskritist had an encyclopedic knowledge of Buddhism and Vedic learning.
(1916), Manuscript remains of Buddhist literature found in eastern Turkestan, facsimiles of manuscripts in Sanskrit, Khotanese, Kuchean, Tibetan and Chinese with transcripts, translations and notes edited in conjunction with other scholars, with critical introductions and vocabularies, Vol.