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 (ko͞o′dō′, kyo͞o′-)
n. pl. ku·dos (-dōz′)
Usage Problem A praising remark; an accolade or compliment: "Children's book author Virginia Hamilton added another kudo to her prize-laden career" (Calvin Reid). See Usage Note at kudos.

[Back-formation from kudos.]


(ˈku doʊ, ˈkyu-)

n., pl. -dos.
a statement of praise or approval; accolade; compliment.
[1925–30; back formation from kudos1, construed as a plural]
usage: See kudos1.
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The association between RBD and DLB has been shown consistently for over a decade (Boeve, Silber, Fernan, Lucas, & Parisi, 2001; Matsumara, Ichino, Kudou, Tachibana, & Imamura; 2009; Metzler-Baddeley, 2007; Turner, 2002).