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The 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. See Table at alphabet.

[Hebrew qôp, of Phoenician origin; akin to Hebrew qôp, ape; perhaps akin to Sanskrit kapiḥ, ape, or Egyptian g'f, type of small ape.]


(kʊf; kɒf; Hebrew kɔf)
(Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) a variant of koph


or qoph


the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
[< Hebrew qōph]
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Noun1.qoph - the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Hebraic alphabet, Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew script - a Semitic alphabet used since the 5th century BC for writing the Hebrew language (and later for writing Yiddish and Ladino)
alphabetic character, letter of the alphabet, letter - the conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech; "his grandmother taught him his letters"
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4 (a) - Gunler Stafilokok - Mikrokok Maya - Kuf 0 - - 2 - - 4 - - 6 - - 8 1.
According to people's reports it takes about 15 days to walk straight from Sadwad to Qala-e Kuf (see 2.
Ozellikle meyvelerin yuksek yogunlukta su ve seker icermesi, organik asit icerigine bagli olarak dusuk pH patulin basta olmak uzere bu kuf mantarlarinin gidalarda uremesine zemin hazirlar (9,15).
Atopi yaygin cevresel allerjenlere (akarlar, polenler, kuf mantarlari) karsi asiri miktarda IgE uretilmesi yatkinligi olarak tanimlanmaktadir (1).
CHITRAL, December 26, 2010 (Balochistan Times): To highlight symbolic life and follow characteristics of the Holy Prophet, a Seerat-un- Nabi Conference was held at Kuf Masjid of Chamarkun village some 10 KM from here.
Bazen kiyafetlere kadar gecen bir kuf kokusu eslik edebilir.
Wadi Kuf (Giglio-Tos 1923, as Gryllus chinensis); Hatiet el-Fredga (Capra 1929, as Gryllus burdigalensis); Cheria el Carinaa (La Greca 1957, as ACheta burdigalensis); Giarabub, Cheddaia B.
The ultrafiltration was calculated and monitored by the nurses using TMP and KUF of the Kiil dialyzer.
He welcomed the imminent arrival of Ghana's President John Kuf uor, current chairman of the African Union, who is expected in Nairobi by tomorrow.
At times Jem Karacan played almost on top of his centre-backs, while James Henry and Jo Kuf four, centre-forwards by trade, were given licence to support the lone striker from the right and middle.
The place name Bahha as spelled in Hebrew (bet kuf ayin) means "valley," and is likely to have taken hold because the neighborhood is on the slope of the watershed route from Jerusalem to Hebron.