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1. Often Offensive A former designation for a member of the Nuristani people.
2. Offensive A Kaffir.

[Ultimately from Arabic kāfir, infidel; see kafir. Sense 1, from the fact that the majority of the Nuristani were not converted to Islam until the late 19th century.]


n. Islam
A non-Muslim person.

[Arabic kāfir, unbeliever, infidel; see giaour.]


n, pl -irs or -ir
1. (Peoples) another name for the Nuri
2. a variant spelling of Kaffir
[C19: from Arabic; see Kaffir]


(ˈkæf ər, ˈkɑ fər)

2. (l.c.) Islam. an infidel or unbeliever.
3. (l.c.) Also called kaf′ir corn`. a grain sorghum, Sorghum bicolor caffrorum, having stout, short-jointed, leafy stalks.
Also, kaffir (for defs. 2, 4).
[1795–1805; < Arabic; see Kaffir]


A variety of sorghum. Old textbooks sometimes listed kafir-corn as being separate from the sorghums.
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Noun1.kafir - an offensive and insulting term for any Black African
derogation, disparagement, depreciation - a communication that belittles somebody or something
Republic of South Africa, South Africa - a republic at the southernmost part of Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1910; first European settlers were Dutch (known as Boers)
Black African - an African who is Black
2.Kafir - a member of the Kafir people in northeastern Afghanistan
Afghanistani, Afghan - a native or inhabitant of Afghanistan
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Each and every Kuffar in this Nationalistic, Godless&nbsp;society has a hand in this.
Someone calling himself Semion Al Mujaheed, who claims to be spokesperson for Dawlah Islamiyah (IS) here, said that despite 'relentless airstrikes' and 'assaults by American-supported kuffar (nonbelievers)' the terrorists' fighting spirit remained high.
Speaking as a Kuffar, I reject that ideology and I wonder if that is their view of any area where they are in the majority.
Well, we wanna start off with a bang and leave a big mark, so we're waiting for their New Year's celebrations, and at that exact time when the clock strikes, our operation will take out the largest number of kuffar , those unbelievers, and the world media that usually covers such wild, obscene celebrations will sit up and take notice of us.
When Taliban took money from NDS and Taliban, I told Omar Khorasani that what we were doing was helping Kuffar (non-believers) by carrying out attacks in our country with their money.
Dentro de esos escritos se encontraba la frase "matar a los kuffar (infieles)".
Whoever stands in the ranks of the kuffar (enemy), will be a target for our swords," the video warns, according to the Telegraph, before showing pictures of Tower Bridge and St.
After the killings of the five men, a young English-speaking boy, who is wearing a black bandanna and appears to be about four or five years old, is shown saying: "So go kill the kuffar right over there".
Jurors were told his intentions could not have been clearer when he tweeted: "Now I just make explosives in preparation for kuffar lol and when I've made the required amount I'll be wearing them on my chest.
He said: "Silent Bomber revealed his true intentions, asking 'how dumb these Kuffar are lol'.
The Internet "caliph" and his cohorts have beheaded more of their own comrades than any kuffar (Infidels).