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n. pl. ku·fis
1. Any of various styles of brimless hats and caps traditionally worn by Muslim men, especially a crocheted or knit skullcap.
2. A brimless cylindrical hat traditionally worn by West African men.

[Ultimately from Arabic kūfīya, keffiyeh; see keffiyeh.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a rounded brimless cap for men, esp men of African descent, made of cloth or knitted
2. (Clothing & Fashion) Islam a keffiyeh, a similar head covering worn by Muslim men
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Ashraf Heera, an expert of the kufi style, takes extreme care in the illumination and embellishment of his work.
It was just that the block Kufi script and the papyrus medium suggested ancientness.
Azeem Iqbal is among those artists who introduced new techniques of calligraphy by using leather, wood, handmade paper, gold leaf, stones, copper and other traditional items blended with Kufi, Taluth and Nastalique scripts.
The key sessions at the workshop discussed the seven different types of the Kufi font, and how it developed from the traditional bold look without dots in the first era of Islam to the beautiful geometric shape that relies on the dots and circles system in the Abbasid era, culminating in five new types in later eras.
The appeals court held that state prison officials' decision to abandon the policy of requiring inmates to provide some physical indicia of the Islamic faith, such as a Quran, Kufi, prayer rug, or written religious material obtained from the prison Chaplain's office, in order to receive accommodations for a Ramadan observance did not moot the inmate's challenge to the policy as violative of his rights under the Free Exercise Clause and RLUIPA, where the officials retained the authority and the capacity to reinstate the policy.
The art, which is inspired by the Almighty, has shown significance in Anlas' creations as he displays different forms of Surat Al Ikhlas (The Sincerity), Ayat ul Kursi (Verse of the Throne) and Masha' Allah (If God Wills) in geometric Kufi handwriting.
Her second piece 'Kufi' is a 3-D printed lamp design with denotes the lost calligraphy technique of Kufi, usually used in mosques.
Nathaly also uses Kufi Calligraphy, a minimalistic geometric Arabic script which originated at the end of the 7th Century in Kufa, Iraq, and is the oldest form of calligraphy in the Arabic scripts.
Costakis Constantinou and Kufi Tulga -- fishing venture
On notera egalement la magnifique prestation - tres politisee - du Nigerian Seun Kufi et sa troupe.
He acknowledges the influence of kufi and diwani fonts, but says, overall "the things [he] actually writes are his own fonts," the content usually being quotes from books he's read and philosophers he likes.
A 70-year-old Muslim in traditional Pakistani attire and wearing an Islamic Kufi (scullcap) was reportedly hit in the chest by an egg.