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n. pl. ku·fis
1. Any of various styles of brimless hats and caps traditionally worn by Muslim men, especially a crocheted or knit skullcap.
2. A brimless cylindrical hat traditionally worn by West African men.

[Ultimately from Arabic kūfīya, keffiyeh; see keffiyeh.]
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1. (Clothing & Fashion) a rounded brimless cap for men, esp men of African descent, made of cloth or knitted
2. (Clothing & Fashion) Islam a keffiyeh, a similar head covering worn by Muslim men
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And they cannot search for oil without our permission." He sat back, satisfied, the gold threads on his kufi cap glinting in the late morning sun.
Mr Iqbal exhibited work in bright colours and various styles, including Kufi, Nastaliq and Jalli.
Speaking at a conference "Peace in Afghanistan", held under the aegis of Lahore Center for Peace and Research (LCPR), former Afghan premier and chief of Hizbe Islami Gulbadin Hikmatyar, Ahmed Wali, brother of late leader of Northren Alliance Ahmed Shah Mehsud, Hizbe Islami leader Wahid Ullah Sabhun, Hanif Atmar, leader of Hizbe Wahdat Mardam Afghanistan Ustad Muhmmad Muhaqiq, former Afghan Governor and Secretary General of Jamat Islami Ustad Atta Muhammad Noor, Chief of Afghan Jirga Muhammad Karim Khalili, Allama Saeed Hashmi, Madam Fauzia Kufi, and leader of Jumbish-e-Islami Maulvi Nabi Ayubi were of the opinion that reconciliation was the only option to come over the feuds.
The artists used different styles to present their work like Kufic Mazhfur, Andalusia Kufi with poster colours, water colours, shell gold, Thulth Jali, and Acrylic colours.
Azeem Iqbal is among those artists who introduced new techniques of calligraphy by using leather, wood, handmade paper, gold leaf, stones, copper and other traditional items blended with Kufi, Taluth and Nastalique scripts.
Jabbari's work features ancient Kufi and Maghrebi scripts that are intricately created with attention to detail, at The Dubai Mall, until Saturday.
Those featured include celebrated artist Karim Jabbari who uses ancient Kufi and Maghrebi scripts, while Art Noor will present the '99 names of Allah' throughout Ramadan, offering visitors a humbling experience.
It is frequently worn with a brimless Kufi cap, which is worn in Islamic communities in Africa.
The owners of the shops surrounding the synagogue -- mostly men wearing traditional Burmese longyi and Muslim kufi and thawb -- are not hawking Judaica but super glue and paint, among other utility products.
Peshawar series is like Kufi series, soils are mainly of Piedmont alluvium, strongly calcareous, well drained, sub-angular blocky with silty clay loam texture (SSP, 2008).
A devout Muslim who always rocks a kufi, the rapper born George Hundall radiates a confident cool offset by a brash outspokenness.