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n. pl. ku·fis
1. Any of various styles of brimless hats and caps traditionally worn by Muslim men, especially a crocheted or knit skullcap.
2. A brimless cylindrical hat traditionally worn by West African men.

[Ultimately from Arabic kūfīya, keffiyeh; see keffiyeh.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a rounded brimless cap for men, esp men of African descent, made of cloth or knitted
2. (Clothing & Fashion) Islam a keffiyeh, a similar head covering worn by Muslim men
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She explained that the Arabic fonts including the classical ones such as Al Thuluth, Diwani, Ruqaa and Kufi along with the modern fonts such as Sunbuli and the free font are merged with geometric Islamic motifs carry a rich heritage and culture.
In fact, the people of Adeyipo live a better life than their counterparts from neighboring villages like Orita, Agbede, Kufi, Jagun, Ogundipe, Butubutu and Aba Oje among many others in the same local government area who do not have the opportunity of the luxury provided by the library to the inhabitants of Adeyipo.
He asserted it was again Dr Baloch who disclosed that Al-Madini had written Chachnama in Arabic and then Ali Kufi translated it into Persian.
A un preso musulman de Texas el quinto circuito, confirmando la decision recurrida, permitio, en ejercicio de sus derechos religiosos bajo la RLUIPA, el uso de barba de 10 centimetros asi como de su gorro kufi en el centro penitenciario.
courtesy of Dawn) We can see that each culture favored a specific design; whether it is the Kufi Arabic calligraphy or the Nashk script, colorful doodles or traditional mehni designs.
He was an observant Muslim, who believed that his faith requires him to have a beard that is not shorter than a fist's length, which is approximately four inches, and to wear his kufi at all times.
Highlight of our participation is the signing of two books on the genuine Moroccan Kufi calligraphy, published by the center for free," Al-Ali said, noting that all the displayed books and publications were distributed to attendees and guests without charges.
However, most of them believe that the verses could be from Surah-e-Tauba and were carved in oriental form of Kufi style of calligraphy.
Like a savior, Said catches him, removing the kufi from his own head, placing it on Keane's head in acceptance of him as a brother.
The event, which took place in the Free Speech Area of the campus, involved students being given a free hijab 6 or kufi, a cap, for men 6 and wearing it for the rest of the day before reporting back on their experiences.
On a Friday night last February, a singer in a gold lame suit and matching kufi stepped off a throne to pounding drums and a loud chanting of his name.
It was just that the block Kufi script and the papyrus medium suggested ancientness.