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or kaf·fi·yeh (kə-fē′ə)
A square of cloth, often embroidered, traditionally worn as a headdress by Arab men, either by winding it around the head or by folding it into a triangle, draping it over the head, and securing it with an agal. Also called shemagh.

[Arabic kūfīya, from feminine of kūfī, of Kufa, Kufic, from al-Kūfa, Kufa, a city in central Iraq.]


(kɛˈfiːjə) ,




(Clothing & Fashion) a cotton headdress worn by Arabs
[C19: from Arabic, perhaps from Late Latin cofea coif]
kufiyyapalestinapañuelo palestino
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El unico tono que varia es el del shemagh o kufiya, la prenda que se pone entre la cabeza y el pecho que se usa en el Medio Oriente contra el clima desertico y es caracteristica de los guerrilleros palestinos.
Other than women's clothing, Yousuf is also showcasing the traditional Kufiya [scarf] at prices ranging from Dh35 to Dh50.
The explosions have rocked Libya a day after approximately 1300 inmates escaped the Kufiya prison during a riot.
The body of Abu Hamdiyeh, wrapped in the Palestine flag and the traditional headscarf Kufiya, was taken in a national security vehicle to a mosque to be prayed on then to the Martyrs Cemetery, where he will be buried.
Yasser Herbawi the maker of the internationally famous Kufiya, Director General of NISSA FM Radio Women, Mrs.
Amid stalls selling kufiya the head scarves favoured by the late Palestinian leader Yasser Ararat--reems of bold floral-print material and stuffed birds of prey stuck in awkward, embarrassed poses are apothecary-like shops filled with jars and jars of different types of frankincense.
Palestinian folklore groups Haneen and Al Kufiya took to the stage at the Cultural Hall, next to Bahrain National Museum.
Meanwhile, Amira Jarmakani in "Arab American Feminisms" and Alsultany in "Stealth Muslim" consider how the emphasis on veiling and similar "Arab" icons, such as the kufiya, circumscribes authorial voices and affects legibility and legitimacy inside and outside Arab and Muslim communities.
Hoping to create awareness and assist the Palestinian cause, they started off by reinterpreting the modern kufiya (Palestinian scarf) by adding decorative brass elements, tassels, and other fabrics to create really funky pieces and production was based in the Alawadi dining room.
A checkered scarf historically rooted in anticolonial resistance, Salem contends the kufiya has, through its western cosmopolitan consumption, enabled the emergence of the 'fetishized figure of the "dangerous stranger" as a 'consumable figment of the Orientalist imaginary'.
El arabismo kefia --a veces en la seccion internacional escrito asi: kefia, kufia, kufiyeh, kufiya, kefiye-- denota el panuelo cuadrangular de algodon de color blanco y motivos negros que llevan los arabes en la cabeza o atados al cuello.
Though the youth was doing nothing more than dancing towards him with his kufiya held high, the soldier perceived his actions as a threat; afterwards, despite his army training, Yitzhak struggles with guilt and remorse, and decides to go underground on the Gaza Strip to return the dead youth's identity card to his parents.