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A baked pudding of noodles or potatoes, eggs, and seasonings, traditionally eaten by Jews on the Sabbath.

[Yiddish kugel, ball (from its puffed-up shape), from Middle High German.]
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a young Jewish woman from a wealthy background who is seen as being excessively materialistic
[C20 from Yiddish: pudding]
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There have been many attempts in interpreting the Qur'an (which could be comprehensive of homosexuality) by more contemporary researchers (Jamal 2001, Kugle 2003); despite that, the majority of Islamic community does not support this understanding.
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Svijet je pun deklarativnih potpora, zakljucaka tipa - trebalo bi, moglo bi se, ili napravit ce se, ali malo je onih koji cE PODMETNUTI SVOJA VLASTITA LEcA za zdravlje nepoznatih na drugom kraju zemaljske kugle. (N)
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