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Noun1.Kuiper - United States astronomer (born in the Netherlands) who studied the solar system and suggested in 1951 that there is a belt of comet-like debris at the edge of the solar system (1905-1973)
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Like our solar system's Kuiper Belt, the Proxima belt contains fine grains with similar average temperature and total mass.
The first generation of Dutch sinologists trained in the colonial government of the Netherland Indies, now Indonesia, to be interpreters for the important Chinese minority that lives there, says Kuiper, and so they studied Southern Chinese dialects instead of the Mandarin spoken in Northern China.
NASA's New Horizons team based in Argentina made another groundbreaking observation of a distant Kuiper Belt object over the weekend.
Dubbed as 'Planet Nine,' the Mars-sized body is believed to be somewhere near the Kuiper belt-a swarm of small icy objects that goes beyond the farthest orbit of Pluto, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Abu Dhabi: OCB Oilfield Services, a company owned by Abu Dhabi based Gulf Capital has acquired 100 per cent of Kuiper International as it expands across Asia, Gulf Capital announced on Monday.
Gulf Capital announced today that its portfolio company OCB Oilfield Services, has acquired 100 percent of Kuiper International Pte LTD, a player in the offshore construction and maintenance services sector, with a particular stronghold in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and Australia.
Who would have expected a blue sky in the Kuiper Belt?
Animal welfare activists, who named the pup Kuiper, spent six weeks feeding him with a straw after he was found in 2012 with a dangerous eye ulcer.
In 2011, scientists announced that comet 103P/Hartley 2, from the Kuiper belt, had a deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio nearly identical to Earth's.
8 billion km), Nasa's New Horizons robotic probe awoke from hibernation on Saturday to begin an unprecedented mission to study the icy dwarf planet Pluto and sibling worlds in its Kuiper Belt home.
The planned search will involve targeting a small area of sky in search of a Kuiper Belt object (KBO) for the outbound spacecraft to visit.
The known Solar System can be divided into three parts: the rocky planets like Earth, which are close to the Sun; the gas giant planets, which are further out; and the frozen objects of the Kuiper belt, which lie just beyond Neptune's orbit.