Kurile Islands

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Ku·ril Islands

also Ku·rile Islands  (ko͝or′ĭl, ko͞o-rēl′)
An island chain of extreme eastern Russia extending about 1,210 km (750 mi) in the Pacific Ocean between Kamchatka and eastern Hokkaido, Japan. The volcanic, largely uninhabited islands were held by Japan from 1875 to 1945.

Ku·ril′i·an adj. & n.
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(or Ku′ril) Is′lands

(ˈkʊər ɪl, kʊˈril)
a chain of small islands off the NE coast of Asia, extending from N Japan to the S tip of Kamchatka: renounced by Japan in 1945; under Russian administration.
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But the two countries are no longer at daggers drawn with regard to the Kurile Islands dispute.
Petersburg of 1875, Meiji Japan lost Sakhalin to tsarist Russia in exchange for the Kurile Islands. Engaged in rapid and radical modernization at home, Japan was forced to give up the island but was able to maintain important privileges for Japanese traders, fishermen, and settlers.
The first chain includes Indonesia, the Korean Peninsula, Kurile Islands, Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan.
On October 9, 1952, the cycle of hostility continued when the front page of the New York Times announced "B-29 LOST OVER SOVIET KURILES." The article explained that a B-29 Superfortress, carrying a crew of eight, disappeared after "radar equipment had picked up an unidentified plane approaching it from the direction of the Russian-held Kurile Islands." The attack occurred eight miles northwest of Nemuro, a city on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, over Japanese territorial waters about fifteen miles from the international border two days prior.
After their defeat, the US military built a significant naval base and a large airfield, which was used to launch an air attack against the Kurile Islands, then held by Japan.
Hence Putin turns to China for a united celebratory front against Japan, although this will not help resolve the dispute over the Kurile Islands, which were seized by the USSR in August 1945 and remain under Russian occupation.
MOSCOW, Shawwal 16, 1435, August 12, 2014, SPA -- Russia began military exercises in the Kurile Islands in the Pacific Ocean, a Defence Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday, a move likely to anger Japan, which also lays claim to them, Reuters reported.
He also concludes that the two sides could learn from the Japan-USSR/Russia dialogues on the Northern Territories (Kurile Islands), claimed by Japan but occupied by Russia, for while the Russians claimed there was no dispute, they said they were open to dialogue about the issue.
The Kurile Islands, between Russia and Japan, or the Pinnacle Islands (in Japanese, Senkaku [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; in Chinese Diaoyu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), between Japan and China, are such examples.
All states should respect each other's sovereignty (i.e., no criticism of their domestic politics), integrity (i.e., support for Russian and Chinese postures on outstanding territorial issues, the Kurile Islands, the Senkakus, Taiwan and possibly even China's claims on the Spratly Islands), non-alliance principles (i.e., directed against the US alliance system), equal and transparent security frameworks, equal and indivisible security, etc.
He has failed to ease complex Asian/Pacific tensions being faced by the US and its allies in that vital part of the world - like North Korea's menace to its American-backed neighbours and Russia's occupation of Japan's strategic Kurile islands since World War-II.