Kuroshio current

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Ku·ro·shi·o Current

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Noun1.Kuroshio Current - a warm ocean current that flows northeastwardly off the coast of Japan into the northern Pacific oceanKuroshio current - a warm ocean current that flows northeastwardly off the coast of Japan into the northern Pacific ocean
ocean current - the steady flow of surface ocean water in a prevailing direction
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Taiwan is said to have the most lobster species in the world, given the ideal habitat provided by the Kuroshio current off its shores.
The experiment studies the North Equatorial Current, a westward flowing body of water east of the Philippines, which divides the Philippine current into the Kuroshio Current (northward) and the Mindanao Current (southward).
[18] analyzed the impact of the Kuroshio Current on mesoscale convective systems in the Meiyu front area and found that the intensified evaporation in the Kuroshio Current leads to increases in the moisture content of the air masses in the Meiyu front area, which is favorable for the maintenance of convective instability in the lower troposphere near the Meiyu front.
In addition, the Kuroshio current is the largest western boundary current in the north Pacific ocean (e.g., [25-27]).
[14.] Lu HJ, Lee HL (2014) Changes in the fish species composition in the coastal zones of the Kuroshio Current and China Coastal Current during periods of climate change: Observations from the set-net fishery (1993-2011).
(61) Sailing before the monsoon winds, he climbed in a north-easterly direction to about 30[degrees]N where the ship encountered the Kuroshio Current and the prevailing westerlies that then carried it across the ocean to the American coast.
In this study area, located between the subarctic and subtropical domains of the North Pacific, the confluence of the warm Kuroshio Current and the cold Oyashio Current forms the Kuroshio-Oyashio transition zone (Roden, 1991), also called the subarctic-subtropical transition zone.
They expect the journey to San Francisco will take six months, aided by the Pacific Kuroshio Current.
Mesozooplankton distribution and composition on the northeastern coast of Taiwan during autumn: effects of the Kuroshio Current and hydrothermal vents.
Ocean currents, such as the Kuroshio Current, are a natural energy resource with little fluctuation in flow regardless of time or season.
They happen most frequently over sea near major warm ocean currents, such as the western Pacific Ocean near the Kuroshio Current, or over the north Atlantic Ocean near the Gulf Stream.
septemfasciatus did not show any distinct status in the phylogenetic trees, and its distribution was found to be closely related with that of Kuroshio Current indicating it as a warm-water species.