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Noun1.Kurt Godel - United States mathematician (born in Austria) who is remembered principally for demonstrating the limitations of axiomatic systems (1906-1978)
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THE THREE CENTRAL FIGURES IN THE Scandal of Money--the logician Kurt Godel and computer theoreticians Alan Turing and Claude Shannon, each of whom was at work during the middle decades of the last century--did not concern themselves with economics.
Fifty years ago, Kurt Godel, who afterwards became one of Einstein's closest friends, proved that the world of pure mathematics is inexhaustible.
On the historical side, Wolfram offers his views of the logician Kurt Godel, computer scientist (perhaps the original computer scientist) Alan Turing and mathematicians John von Neumann and George Boole.
Unfortunately, the theorems that Kurt Godel produced in 1931 demonstrate that coherence cannot be guaranteed.
In his original paper [1], Kurt Godel has derived an exact solution to Einstein's field equations in which the matter takes the form of a pressure-free perfect fluid (dust solution).
The possibility of having a CTC has long baffled physicists and philosophers since it was discovered in 1949 by Kurt Godel, an Austrian-American scientist.
The theorem belongs originally to Anselm of Canterbury and was taken on by Austrian mathematician Kurt Godel states that God by definition is that for which no greater can be conceived.
The great Austrian mathematician Kurt Godel shook up the academic world by proving for any computable axiomatic system powerful enough to describe the arithmetic of the natural numbers that, one, if the system is consistent, it cannot be complete ("incompleteness theorem"), and two, the consistency of the axioms cannot be proved within the system.
He covers the zero between the east and west, the world as icon of numbers, Kurt Godel or a modesty in mathematics, a metaphysics of numbers, and in mesura.
A physical description of Kurt Godel is given to an individual named Joey, and he is also told that Godel is the philosopher who formulated the incompleteness theorems; taken together these will be Godel's description composing his intension.
En este ano, Kurt Godel demostro que, utilizando palabras tecnicas, todo sistema axiomatico recursivo lo suficientemente poderoso para describir la aritmetica de los naturales no es completo.
Other components bear the names of famous mathematicians as well, including Joseph-Louis Lagrange and Kurt Godel.