Kuskokwim River

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Kus·ko·kwim River

A river of southwest Alaska flowing about 1,450 km (900 mi) southwest to Kuskokwim Bay, an inlet of the Bering Sea.
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Two men died of exposure in late March when their vehicles fell through the frozen Kuskokwim River near Bethel, the Division of Alaska State Troopers said.
The Kuspuk School District encompasses eight schools and the district offices from Lower Kalskag to Stony River along a 120-mile stretch of the middle Kuskokwim River. No roads serve the area, although the river itself usually freezes solid enough during the winter to allow vehicle traffic.
Highway 62 and Cherokee Street/Coffee Hollow Road for the Cherokee Nation to provide controlled access into a Head Start center and a high school; and coordinated safety monitoring of ice roads along Alaska's Kuskokwim River led by the Native Village of Napaimute.
An open pit mine, the Donlin Project, will necessitate the construction of roads and a port on the Kuskokwim River. The development plan also includes the construction of a 315-mile pipeline that will move natural gas from the Cook Inlet.
| WHERE in the US is the Kuskokwim River? | WHEN did Cape Verde gain independence from Portugal?
One sentence about halfway the novel through sums up the plot and the narrative feel of this book: "In less than a year, I'd gone from a normal suburban kid to bush-living, marijuana-dealing, murderer-dodging, broke-ass fool." As the novel begins, Eddie has flunked out after less than one semester of college in Anchorage and is headed to Kusko, a small town hundreds of miles to the west along the Kuskokwim River, accessible only by plane.
(7) Two RACs share jurisdiction over the Kuskokwim River drainage: the Yukon-Kuskokwim RAC (Y-K RAC) and the Western Interior RAC (WIRAC).
The following reporting units had the lowest correct assignment rates to population: Central Valley fall run, Upper Columbia River summer/fall run, and Western Alaska, Lower Kuskokwim River, averaging 28%, 36%, and 40%, respectively.
Despite adequate habitat to sustain a higher moose population, the lower Kuskokwim River has historically had a low moose density (0.03 moose/[km.sup.2] in 2004; Perry 2010) because of extensive hunting pressure (Coady 1980).
In addition, Dunlin are also known to concentrate in late summer along the Bristol Bay coastline from the Kuskokwim River mouth south to the base of the Alaska Peninsula (Alaska Shorebird Group, 2008; R.