Kuznetsk Basin

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Kuz·netsk Basin

 (ko͝oz-nĕtsk′, -nyĕtsk′)
A coal-producing region of south-central Russia extending from Tomsk southward to Novokuznetsk.

Kuznetsk Basin

(Russian kuzˈnjɛtsk) or


(Placename) a region of S Russia, in the Kemerovo Region of W Siberia: the richest coalfield in the country, with reserves of iron ore. Chief industrial centre: Novokuznetsk. Area: about 69 900 sq km (27 000 sq miles)

Kuz•netsk′ Ba′sin

an industrial region in the S Russian Federation in Asia extending from Tomsk to Novokuznetsk: coal fields.
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Protacrodus aequalis was reported from the Famennian of Queensland and the Tournaisian of Western Australia; the Early Famennian--Visean of the Kuznetsk Basin, the South Urals and Timan-Pechora Province (Russia); the Early Famennian of Arctic Canada; the Middle Famennian of Latvia; the Tournaisian of Belgium (Ivanov & Lucas 2011; Roelofs et al.
Open Competition: Implementation Of Adjustment Of Design And Working Documentation For The Project Provision Of Work For At Liquidated Mines Of Kuznetsk Basin Monitoring
By 2030, 11 new underground mines and four surface mines will be developed in the Kuznetsk Basin, with a total capacity of 40.
By 2030, in the Kuznetsk Basin, 11 new underground mines and four surface mines will be developed with a total capacity of 40.