Kuznetsk Basin

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Kuz·netsk Basin

 (ko͝oz-nĕtsk′, -nyĕtsk′)
A coal-producing region of south-central Russia extending from Tomsk southward to Novokuznetsk.

Kuznetsk Basin

(Russian kuzˈnjɛtsk) or


(Placename) a region of S Russia, in the Kemerovo Region of W Siberia: the richest coalfield in the country, with reserves of iron ore. Chief industrial centre: Novokuznetsk. Area: about 69 900 sq km (27 000 sq miles)

Kuz•netsk′ Ba′sin

an industrial region in the S Russian Federation in Asia extending from Tomsk to Novokuznetsk: coal fields.
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The region's Kuznetsk coal basin is one of the largest in the world and accounts for nearly 40% of all coal mined in Russia.