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Noun1.kilovolt-ampere - a unit of electrical power equal to 1000 volt-amperes
power unit - a measure of electric power
var, volt-ampere - a unit of electrical power in an AC circuit equal to the power dissipated when 1 volt produces a current of 1 ampere
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The "Ethiopia Diesel Genset Market (2019-2025): Market Forecast by kVA Rating, by Verticals, by Regions, and Competitive Landscape" report has been added to's offering.
50 to 100 kva, 35 transformers from 100 to 200 kva.
The S8000 delivers an output of 30 kVA, it has a low cost of ownership and is a reliable solution for all emergency and prime power applications.
Power solutions with the Powerware 9320 can be easily configured and re- configured by simply adding either 10 or 20 kVA modules to the UPS cabinet for additional capacity or redundancy.
Mitsubishi's model S4L diesel is used on the 17 and 23 kVA sets, with the Mitsubishi S4S powering the 34 kVA package.
The transformers including nine of 10 KVA, 14 of 15 KVA, 5089 of 25 KVA, 2454 of 50 KVA, 213 of 100 KVA, 120 of 200 KVA, 16 of 400 KVA and 20 transformers of 630 KVA have been installed during the ongoing fiscal year.
Besides, the special recovery teams removed 350 illegal (Kunda) connections in these areas and also dismantled 10 power transformers which included three of 100 KVA, four of 50 KVA, three of 25 KVA, one of 15 KVA and two of 10 KVA.
SINGLE PHASE MODELS Power Guard Life Guard EIT PLC EIT PLC 2.0 KVA -- PLC-2.0K -- LPC-2.0K 3.0 KVA -- PLC-3.0K -- LPC-3.0K 5.0 KVA -- PLC-5.0K LGY-5.0K LPC-5.0K 7.5 KVA EYT-7.5K PLC-7.5K LGY7.5K -- 10 KVA EYT-10K PLC-10K LPC-10K LPC-10K 15 KVA EYT-15K PLC-15K LPC-15K LPC-15K 20 KVA EYT-20K PLC-20K LGY-20K LPC-20K THREE PHASE MODELS Power Guard Life Guard EIT PLC EIT PLC 7.5 KVA EYT-7.5K PLC7.5K LGY-7.5K LPC7.5K 10 KVA EYT-10K PLC10K LGY-10K LPC10K 15 KVA EYT-15K PLC15K LGY-15K LPC15K 22.5 KVA EYT-22.5K PLC22.5K LGY-22.5K LPC22.5K 30 KVA -- PLC30K -- LPC30K 45 KVA EYT-45K PLC45K LGY-45K LPC45K 75 KVA EYT-75K PLC75K LGY-75K LPC75K 100 KVA EYT-100K PLC-100K LGY-100K LPC-100K 150 KVA EYT-150K -- LGY-150K -- 200 KVA EYT-200K -- LGY-200K -- 250 KVA EYT-250K -- LGY-250K --