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'We hope this course will equip our men and women to be ready to operate in areas such as Kwando and Linyanti.
Chinese demand and poaching are so rampant in Namibia that Namibian Chamber of Environment recently published a letter stating that the bush meat trade flourished anyplace that Chinese nationals were working on infrastructure projects, and in addition that Chinese citizens are involved in "illegal collection of shellfish on the Namibian coast Capturing and killing of Carmine Beeeaters at their breeding colonies by means of nets; Importing Chinese monofilament nets via Zambia to the northeast of Namibia, which are destroying the fisheries of the Zambezi, Chobe, Kwando and Okavango Rivers."
Meanwhile, Rizwan ullah shah coordinator NCHR-KP, Maryam Bibi from the Kwando Kor organization, Mulana Muhammad Tayab Khateeb masjid Muhabat khan, Farzana Ali AJJ news and other peoples from civil society, media persons and government officials were also present on the occasion.
30 (BNA): Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa received Public Security Sports Association Chairman Colonel Khalid Abdulaziz Al-Khayyat who introduced to him Seif Said, gold medalist in the 2nd Qatar Tae Kwando Open, which was held on March 12-15.
Kwando Kinshasa (1997) wrote about the case in his book, The Man from
On offer will be dancing, yoga, badminton, basketball, handball, Tae Kwando and archery.
Under the national 2013-2017 Strategic Development Plan, 4,000 km of roads will be surfaced in Kwando Kubango in order to ease trade within the province and between it and other regions.
An eastward extension of Namibia traversed by the Kwando, Zambezi, and Chobe rivers, it is full of game and Africans, thriving amid the puff adders, leopards, hippos, mambas, elephants, and giant crocs.
History was made on the banks of the Kwando River in February when the Gondwana Collection and Mashi community members opened the Namushasha Heritage Centre in a private sector-conservancy collaboration.
2 [male] 8 [female] Bum Hill campsite (Kwando R.), 17[degrees]46'52"S 23[degrees]20'28"E, 10-13.ii.2004, A.H.