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Las primeras dificultades serias que tuvo el Vicariato de Fujian en estos primeros anos vinieron de la rebelion Taiping (1850-1864), que tuvo su centro en la vecina provincia de Kwangsi ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]).
As the detainees were originally from the mainland (Fukien, Kwangtung and Kwangsi), it was doubtful if they could be sent to Taiwan.
By 207 BC, Chao T'o, a Ch'in general, was able to establish a Chinese southern state that commanded the Kwantung and Kwangsi Provinces, and the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam.
The Tonkinese sub-species (Gallus gallus jabouillei) is found in North Vietnam (Tonkin), the extreme southeast of Yunnan, Kwangsi, Kwantung and Hainan.
The evidence is based on the writings of participants and later imperial histories Table 3 China's population by province, 1819-1953 (million) 1819 1893 1953 Provinces most affected by 153.9 101.8 145.3 Taiping rebellion (a) Provinces affected by Muslim 41.3 26.8 43.1 rebellions (b) Ten Other Provinces of China 175.6 240.9 338.6 Proper (c) Three Manchurian Provinces (d) 2.0 5.4 41.7 Sinkiang, Mongolia, Tibet, 6.4 11.8 14.0 Ningsia, Tsinghai Total 379.4 386.7 582.7 (a.) Anhwei, Chekiang, Hupei, Kiangsi, Kiangsu; (b.) Kansu, Shensi, Shansi; (c.) Fukien, Honan, Hopei, Hunan, Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Kweichow, Shantung, Szechwan and Yunnan; (d.) Heilungkiang, Kirin, Liaoning.
But we knew the Japanese had come into Kwangsi Province.
Ch'u Shih-ssu, grand coordinator of Kwangsi (Kwangsi hsun-fu) of the Southern Ming, resisted the Ch'ing till his death during the fall of Kuei-lin.
Born in Kwangtung (Guangdong) province (1896), he rose to become a prominent member of the Kwangsi warlord faction, along with Li Tsung-jen and Pai Ch'ung-hsi; joined the Nationalists (KMT), and commanded the IV (Ironside) Corps during the opening stages of the Northern Expedition; with Li, defeated warlord Wu P'ei-fu's forces at Ting-sze-chiao and Ho-shen-chiao in northern Hunan (summer?
But Japanese units deployed in China's Kwangsi province to the north-east of Tonkin immediately contravened this agreement.
Born to a peasant family in Kwangsi (Guangxi) province (c.