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 (kwäng′to͝ong′, gwäng′do͝ong′)
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(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Guangdong
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also Kwangtung

a province in SE China. 66,890,000; 89,344 sq. mi. (231,401 sq. km). Cap.: Guangzhou.
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Noun1.Kwangtung - a province in southern China
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D'apres Boxer : << Macao owed its foundation and continued existence to an understanding reached between the Kwangtung provincial authorities and the Captain-Major of the Japan voyage.
And a glossary in which Drea could have explained terms like "kokutai," events like the Rice Riots of 1918 or the Nikolaevsk Incident of 1920 in greater detail, and clarified his sometimes confusing use of both the Wade-Giles and Pinyin romanization systems for Chinese, as in the Kwangtung (Guandong) Army, would have aided the reader.
In Shanghai, Amoy, Swatow, Nanao (Nam-oa, of eastern Kwangtung), Canton and Macao, British, U.S., French, Spanish and Portuguese gangsters used deception or intimidation to seize or kidnap Chinese labouring people (the so-called "coolies") and ship them to North and South America, the West Indies, Africa and other places to do heavy labour.
(8.) Nee and Nee describe the political structure of San Francisco's Chinatown as "three-tiered." The lowest tier was made up of the clans or families; these were organized at the second level "into larger groups according to their districts of origin In Kwangtung Province." "At the pinnacle of the three-tired structure, ...
Populating the relatively resource-poor, flood- and famine-prone Chaoshan Plain and Han River delta straddling southern Fujian Province (the Hokkien heartland) and central Kwangtung (the Cantonese cradle), they may well have been among the region's autochthonous lowland peoples, pressed by later intruders into this relatively inhospitable zone.
Teochew/Teo-chew (1893) after the name Swatow in district of Kwangtung in southern China serves to designate both the people and the language spoken by this people.
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(Homoptera: Chermidae), a citrus pest in Kwangtung. Lignan Science Journal 15: 127-132.
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Rather than reading about the arduous journey to Canada and sacrifices made to eke out a living, Quan's audience takes a reverse journey in the 1920s with the Lee family to see the children's grandmother--a journey from Toronto to Dun Ngan Lai, a small farming town in the Kwangtung province of China, at a time before jet planes and diesel engines.