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Noun1.Kwell - a preparation of lindane (trade name Kwell) that is used to kill lice and itch mites; available in cream or shampoo
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
lindane - a white crystalline powder used as an agricultural insecticide
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(Evapco, Inc.), Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd., Liang Chi Industry Company Cooling Tower Depot, Inc., Delta Cooling Towers, Inc., Torraval Cooling S.L., Kimre, Inc., OOO TMIM, BROTEP-ECO, Cenk EndE-stri Tesisleri EaAmalat ve TaahhE-t A.EaE"., EvapTech, Inc., and Changzhou Kwell Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.
The event's sponsors are Kwell Shampoo; SMILE Group; Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog; L'Avenir Catering and Events Services; Nesfruta; MICO Drift Kart; SYSU International; and Amalgamated Specialties Corporation (AMSPEC).
Some of the major players profiled in the cooling towers market research report are EvapTech, Inc., Composite Cooling Solutions L.P., Changzhou Kwell Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd., Liang Chi Industry Co.
P or U Listed EPA HW Trade Name Areas Where Chemical Number Commonly Generated Cyclophoshamide U058 Cytoxan Inpatient, outpatient, Neosar and oncological pharmacies Lindane U129 Gamen Inpatient and Kwell outpatient pharmacies Scabene Methanol U154 N/A Laboratories Mitomycin-C U010 Mutamycin Oncology, ophthalmol- Mitosol ogy, and dermatology Nicotine and P075 Nicorette Gum Obstetrics and salts Thrive Gum inpatient Nicoderm CQ Patch behavioral health Nicotrol Patch Phenol U188 Physical therapy Table 3.
K is for Katherine Jenkins KWELL, of course we don't know for sure if the Neath singer will be going, but she has stopped by in the past, as have Alex Jones and Duffy - all unveiling their own daffodils.
Seagrass meadows also form fundamental ecological connections with other tropical coastal ecosystems, including mangrove forests and coral reefs (Nagelkerken Roberts, Van der Velde, Dorenbosch, Van Riel, & Cocheret de la Moriniere, 2002; Mumby, Edwards, Arias-Gonzalez, Lindeman, Blac kwell, & Gall, 2004; Nagelkerken & Van der Velde, 2004).
Keller, a pediatrician and an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, said besides parents being wary of insecticide treatments, lice are becoming resistant to long-used over-the-counter medications such as permethrin, sold as Nix; Rid and Pronto; and lindane, a prescribed medication formerly sold as Kwell. Lindane is no longer recommended for lice treatment because possible side effects include seizures and neurological problems.
Prescription pediculicides, including malathion (Ovide) and lindane (Kwell), are used less frequently due to their side effect profiles: Malathion is highly flammable due to a high alcohol content and lindane can cause neurotoxicity.
(Lindane or Kwell is no longer recommended.) Whatever product is used, it is crucial to read and follow directions carefully.
Lindane (Kwell) is held in reserve and used when other medicines fail.